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Another stabbing in London cc @Tassotti


You’d want your head examined etc.


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That’s the way it’s gone nowadays.


Skirting boarders ???





How many future conservative MP’s will come out of there so?


I see the Tories had to apologise yesterday over their disgusting treatment of members of the “Windrush Generation” who had been living in Britain for over 50 years, threatening to deport those who didn’t have passports, and in some cases even deporting them. This sort of scandal is what happens when anti-immigrant bigotry is constantly whipped up by right-wing politicians and media.

And Theresa May was the Home Secretary who brought in the policies which led to it.

Good speech from David Lammy here:


A right fuck up. Must give EU citizens a lot of confidence about their right to stay in the UK post brexit.


Give me a 3 bullet points explanation of the ‘Windrush Generation’ and what the term means somebody please


You’re not seriously suggesting anyone here knows what they’re talking about


I’ve just heard the word “britaniaphobic” in a news report from westminster? Is this now a thing?


A load of carribeans were brought over after WW2 to fill labour shortages in the UK due to the lack of young men after the war. They were promised full citizenship and received it. However a large number of them never got passports or proper paperwork and what not so they’ve been having hassle with accessing the NHS, getting their pensions etc, there’s even allegations* a few have been wrongly deported after living in the U.K. for basically all their lives.
This is all on the back of some anti immigrant bill brought in in 2014 that made checks much more difficult.

*The home office haven’t a breeze whether any have or not and it’s being looked into.


Well at least the brits are kind enough to offer a guide to the poor deportees :laughing:

‘Deportation is not a sentence or punishment but a second chance
to build a new life and make a meaningful contribution to build
the nation.’ (as stated by a deported person)


Did you watch the Danny Boyle-directed 2012 Olympic opening ceremony?


I’d love to see a production of that.

Underworld. :heart_eyes:


I see Theresa May misled the House of Commons yesterday.

She claimed the decision to destroy the landing cards of Commonwealth citzens was taken in 2009 under the Labour government.


It was taken in October 2010, when May herself was Home Secretary.

Can’t spell calamity without m, a and y.