Uk affairs(literally)


Ye have another prince to celebrate in the colony. 5th in line to the throne of Australia.


Swan along there lad.


Enjoy the celebrations bud.


Galway have won nothing yet.


The many many orange halls of limerick will be hopping tonight


Bonfire out in Adare.


There are no Orange halls in Limerick.

You’re delirious in celebration.


Prince Louis Arthur Charles Windsor.

That’s a great name. What do you think @Tassotti , @flattythehurdler , @Fitzy ?


Prince Louis Arthur Charles Windsor of house Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.




My cup overfloweth.


Why are you tagging me in a discussion on what name some inbred german cunt should be called?


Because he is fifth in line to the throne of Australia.


I thought the British were cracking down on families on welfare churning out loads of kids?


Don’t know where you’re getting that. By my reckoning that would be Eddie Betts.


Is right now the time for ballsy lads earning euros to move to England?


As an aside, I’ve just managed to retrieve my motorbike via a “finders fee” to a scrote of 200, and a 150 thankyou to the lads who actually retrieved it. Plus damages.
Delighted though.


Also, Imo, it’s got a lot further to fall.


Dod some fucker contact you to get it back?


Sort of. There’s a bike training place which I used. A couple of the instructors are Wythenshawe lads. I asked there, said I’d pay a reward, and they put it on Facebook as they said all the thieves would both on their Facebook. Had a call from them this morning.
I’m looking on it as a positive.
I’ll be less sanguine when I hand over the cash I suspect, but it’s back on my drive now.