Uk affairs(literally)


The old ones are the best


It will turn into a lost decade. Overall Ireland will get very little out of it except the odd relocating company and less competition for investment.

Also the fact that the Irish economy will grow strongly for the next 2-3 years will severely chasten any remaining West Brits. How many years of this before Irish wages per person passes out British? That would be a sign that the situation has become unbalance and a crash is due.


If you excluded London and dublin from measure of national average wage would be interesting to see our avg wage vs Britain


Irish average wage has been higher than the North of England for nearly a generation.
40k for a van driver quoted on here.
Garda, nurses, doctors, construction all paid way better.


Thats what i would have thought


Ireland has already benefited from plenty of niche firms setting up some offices here.

We are in trouble if hard Brexit happen though.


Amber Rudd has RESIGNED as Home Secretary.

Carrying the can for the person who should really be resigning.


Uk govt now rudderless.

April is on the way out, May next


If you get word of another resignation, I’ll take a PM.


I know journalists are better paid in Ireland than England, except for the creme de la creme. The London jobs that are paid better seem to be in finance and law. That’s probably why the teachers are so pissed, they’re nearly the only profession paid worse.


Ten thousand jobs in finance skew the entire “average” wage thing in the UK. By and large, pay is quite a bit lower in most jobs in most areas than Ireland. I’m always surprised when I hear how much people earn in some roles in Ireland.
Unemployment benefits etc are far higher also, as is child support.


If Labour keep pushing this, they can destroy May.


I’d hate to see her being replaced with someone competent


And just who in the Tory party is competent?


She could easily be replaced by Jacob Rees mogg.
Labour need to be careful here.


Shes doing a good job of it herself .


She is. She threw rudd to the wolves just as attention was moving on. She makes my skin crawl utterly, and I wonder if she didn’t seize the chance to stamp on rudd who I suspect she perceived as a threat. Nonetheless, there isn’t anyone else as far as I can see. If may resigns, I presume it will mean a GE.


Rudd had to cover for May in the GE debate last year as well a few days after her father died.


The toilet cleaner at Conservative Central Office?


We’re not the only place with a good health scandal at the moment.