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The expected Labour landslide in the local elections never happened. Corbyn our!


Speaking to the centre ground middle classy types, I’m actually surprised how fearful they are of corbyn. Generally, they like him as a person, and it’s dawned on them what an utter shambles brexit is, and what clown teresa may is, but they’d rather vote for anyone than corbyn as they are terrified that he’ll crash the economy (which will crash anyway)
TBH, brexit is the torys fault and should be their problem, but I’m honestly surprised at how many folk talk about the current shambles, and yet would absolutely not vote for Labour. Corbyn, Abbott and macdonald are toxic.


Is this anti-semitic thing real or a scare story in the press?


What are the chances of another referendum on Brexit flatty?


Another brexit referendum I would say low mainly as time is against it. If things drift, anything is possible. This is an generally unpopular move pushed through in the dog days of the last of the bigoted generation, and, in particular, the right wing oligarchy who have hijacked the debate and are driving this forward. Hard brexiteers are thin on the ground, except where it counts. It’s just a perfect storm of a cowardly weak nasty power hungry pm, a frankly bizarre opposition party who aren’t much better, the absence of a realistic party to harness the huge pro eu vote, and an alignment of a cabal of tycoons controlling the print media all of whom are bro brexit for largely selfish financial reasons.
The brexiteers are terrified this will drift as they know if they don’t get it through quickly, it will become steadily more unpopular. They cannot believe their luck. Their time is passing as people are slowly waking up to the clusterfuck being thrust upon them. Do not forget that the “three red lines” are entirely a personal vendetta of teresa may, who is happy to sacrifice the peace process, and the wellbeing of her own country in a fit of pique over having been overruled (probably incorrectly) by the European courts on occasion as home Secretary, and having no significant understanding of how they work. Triggering article 50 just so she could play at being a grown up was entirely her decision. She is the worst leader in the worst place at the worst time. She should have had Rees mogg expelled from the party for open sedition, and she could have neutered the hard brexiteers as the party are too fearful of corbyn to trigger an election, but, she is first and foremost a coward. I despair anyhow. I’m stuck here for now as herself won’t move, but as soon as the kids are finished school, I’m gone. I’ll try and make some money to put aside and merely observe the chaos meantime. I’d love there to be another referendum, I think it would be defeated by about 55-45, but the only chance is that parliament votes with conscience and courage.
The odd things thrown up by the council elections are that whilst I don’t think a single thing can really be read into them, they may embolden the brexiteers, as the tory vote held up (bad), or embolden the Labour centrists who may start to realise that corbyn is too extreme to lead (good).


The anti semitic thing is odd. I had a long chat with one of my best pals about it on Thursday funnily enough. He is Jewish, and quite spiky, but he thinks it is more an anti Israeli state thing than anti semitism per se, which surprised me.
The major news outlets are only getting started. If corbyn is perceived as a genuine threat, they will give him a proper shoeing.
In truth, many Jewish people are very torn about Israel (many are not).
I was most surprised by corbyns lacklustre distancing of himself from the controversy. I suspect, in truth, that he despises Israel, but also despises the Jewish business lobby. It is everything he is against. Individually I’m sure he is not, but does he dislike Jewish organisations and networks? I suspect very much that he viscerally does.


Good post mate, but people are slowly waking up to the complete clusterfuck in front of them? Where have they been for thw last year?


Honestly fitzy, mostly just trying to pay the bills. The reporting has either been utterly biased (print media), or grossly negligent (bbc).
It doesn’t actually affect people until it affects them. At this stage it will be too late.


I’d also add that any man who shagged Diane Abbott has major question marks over his judgement as she is a bolshy overweight strident idiot.




Jaysus I dunno about that. They’ve been all over him for a while now, no? They seem genuinely scared of him.


Corbyn is also very unwilling to distance himself from organisations and people who dog whistle on the subject as he is certainly pro Israel and against the business lobby so probably looks at things in the round (a Trump failing as well).

It’s difficult to have much sympathy with the British electorate at the moment. They have options but politics has become a real football like culture over there for many.


The main problem is that the meeja have fatally wounded the lib dems, and in most constituencies, a vote for them is seen as a wasted one.


They were treated very badly in Government.

It’s always suited the big two parties to do it.


They were, but clegg was stupid to let it happen.


He shouldn’t have gone back on his university fees promise. That finished them.


As expected Ms Markle’s father has been barred from attending the nuptials


Proper order. Completely the wrong sort of chap.


So neither the Bride or Groom’s Father will be at the wedding…


Correct and right