Uk affairs(literally)


Time to call of this sham. Harry cant help himself bringing shame to the family.


Which family? Harry is codding nobody


Shambolic stuff


Great to see Charles taking the initiative in this way.


A bit of droit du seigneur wouldn’t be out of order either.


Strange to be walked down the aisle by someone who’s related to neither party


Kate should be hopping mad at this


She asked prince harry, with a gun to her head, would his auld lad walk her down the aisle.

She should have asked the Duke of Edinburgh to walk her down the aisle. The dirty fucker would love that. :grinning:


Imagine the bantz !!


I think the cheap likes for that one are gone at this stage.


Sad to see Red Ken gone.


And corby reigns supreme. Its a strange old world.


Those two cunts that tortured, murdered and burnt the French au pair in London were found guilty this morning. I hope they get the maximum sentence possible.


Disgusting story. Pair of headcases.




Solid piece of advice from Thomas Markle to Prince Harry. Never raise a hand to my daughter


Not even a left arm.


Even if she put in for it ? The Yanks are a strange crowd.


Some sick cunts in the World.


Read it earlier. Sounds mental. How it was let happen is another matter.