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The protest looks peaceful enough at the moment . Whether it stays like that when more police arrive will be another matter.



Is that a guy in a CBC Monkstown jersey in amongst the rabble there outside Kensington town hall?


“outraged people” and their iphones storm town hall.


70 feared dead now according to sky news


Lolz, similar but no dice.

In terms of random jerseys in random places, CBC were represented all over Europe and the States by Thin Lizzy though.


At the protest?


I’m assuming that is Brian Downey, I didn’t know he was a CBC old boy, thought he was from Drimnagh.


Rabble rabble rabble


As long as there’s nobody there in a Limerick jersey, things should stay peaceful.


That protest got out of hand quickly!


I don’t think he did. Robbie Brennan who played a bit with them and with other Phil Lynott bands did though. I think maybe Brian Downey’s son did go to CBC though as he lived in Dalkey so maybe that’s it.


Has Sadiq Khan been forced to resign yet?

London is having a very difficult time since he became mayor.


The place is falling apart with this clown at the helm


Theresa May made a second visit this evening. As expected she was not well received


“Chased from a church” according to the telegraph. Seems like she made a hames of this visit as well. But really the damage was done the other day. Can’t for the life of me understand her not meeting the survivors. From the residents point of view that’s a sign of either disinterest or guilt.


When health and safety is treated as a “monster”, expect shit to happen.


May did an interview this evening after her church escape. Newsnight showed it in full. It was classic Maybot. Scripted answers that bore no relevance to the question asked.

Emily Maitis asked her twice: “Did you misread the mood of the public by not meeting survivors?” Twice she answered: “What we are doing is…” blah blah blah about whatever “plan” they have announced over two and a half days after the event.

She has a total inability to answer anything. She’s clearly a politician whose career advanced during a period where spin and script were the gospel when doing an interview. But this is basic stuff. Much as one might doubt it, she’s a human. She has to have some sort of empathy. Answer a bloody question instead of pretending to be a robot.

Now, I think she made a mistake in not meeting any survivors or ordinary people on the ground yesterday. It was a serious mistake, but I don’t think it’s the worst mistake she’s made. And I don’t think she could have rectified things today because I think it could have got genuinely nasty had she tried to do so. It was too late by that stage.

But at least try to explain on camera why she didn’t meet any survivors or people affected yesterday. Ether explain that she didn’t want to put any extra pressure on emergency or security services by being among he public, or say she misread the public mood and apologise, probably saying both of these things would have been the best course in answering.

If she could even admit to a mistake, that would be something. It would show some tenuous shred of humanity. But she can’t do that. The gospel of spin and script and not showing any “weakness” is so ingrained in her, she can’t function at all without it. By being obsessed with trying to show no weakness, she makes herself look weaker.

How on earth is she going to negotiate Brexit?


A thread documenting similar fires since 2015.


Cracking article by Marina Hyde in the Guardian today.


Lily Allen has confirmed this.