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He’s dead right about the health and safety thing sid. Health and safety regs are an entirely different thing from building regs, and have no remit in which cladding goes on a building.
It is the relationship between local councils, planning, and big landlords/ developers which is the problem here.
Ireland didn’t cover itself in glory in the past. The good thing is that there is no way that building could be built in Ireland at present.
This problem cannot be laid at the feet of any single government or political party. Trying to score political points from it is moot.


I wouldn’t be so confident with the cowboy builders in this state and the lack of inspections on properties when they are being built.


She’s gone. The problem for the Tories is they don’t know when to unplug her machine.


However signed off on the H&S for that tower should be jailed.


Theresa May it woz mate


Jokes aside few cunts need to fall on their sword over that.

A decent fire wall and a protected fire door would’ve saved lives…fucking disgraceful neglect


@Sidney has all the answers. Ask him pal.


He’s dead wrong.

And the word dead is the operative one.


Nope. You don’t live here and see the absolute garbage we have to do, as the health and safety team dream up yet another mandatory training course to keep themselves relevant.
The most recent is an anti terrorism training course. Four hours long, the highlight being a broad manc security guard telling us what we should do if “a lad comes at you waving a brick” (answer: run away)
You have a great way of banging on about topics about which you are actually clueless.


Anybody want to have a go at defending the Tories and the culture of no regulation over this fire?

A lot of the usual suspects have been on here complaining bitterly about anybody laying into them.

But not one has yet made any substantial point in their defence.

Strange that.


There is no defence for the tories or for labour before them. Nor is there any point in leaping around blaming either at this stage.
Tbh I think the blame lies more at a local level,but I’m not dancing around trying to point the finger at anyone for this tragedy. The facts will come out in due course and noone will look good.
I’d sooner action was taken to prevent a recurrence than some political points are scored either way.


When you get a Prime Minister who calls health and safety " a monster" in the most idiotic, dumb, Trump-like populist way, don’t be surprised when things like Grenfell Tower happen.

As for your notion about health and safety not being connected to Grenfell Tower, yes it is, it couldn’t be more connected. It’s all connected.

A cavalier attitude to health and safety means a cavalier attitude from industry towards all aspects of health and safety in society.

Cameron’s attitude has now proved to be utterly bankrupt.

The victims of Grenfell Tower now have neither health nor safety.


For an intelligent man, you are incredibly malleable.


I do love how @Sidney pontificates about the UK and As you say doesn’t really have a clue what it’s like to be living here. Getting all hot and bothered about political parties who 1) he can’t vote for and influence the election and 2) their policies don’t impact him is bizarre and quite sad actually. Whatever floats his boat I suppose.

I agree with you regards course etc being create to keep lads in jobs. We’ve had anti Terror, child sexual exploitation and FGM talks this year alone. I don’t see the point of all of them. But the guy who runs them gets booked in for 6 talks a year and is cleaning up.


On the contrary, my friend, on the contrary.

I go on facts.

The “monster” of health and safety has more than halved workplace deaths in the UK over the last 20 years.

Clearly some people think that rate needs to go back up as “it’s holding back the economy”.


And Oliver Cromwell was a founding father of democracy.


That sounds a lot like pontificating to me.


So. No defence of those politicians who advocated a no regulation culture.

One really wouldn’t get that impression from the attitude of a load of posters here. None of whom have been able to put up a defence, but at the same time seem very offended that blame might be apportioned to politicans and the culture of no regulation that they promote. I never knew Tories took offence so easily.

Tell the survivors and people on the ground in Kensington that there should be no blame apportioned.

No blame and no anger means no truth and no change.

It was anger that drove truth after Hillsborough and kept the case alive. Truth means blame.

Funny how after a terror attack, the usual suspects are always on here frothing at the mouth blaming people who weren’t responsible. ie. people who just happen to have the same religion as the perpetrator.

Yet after Grenfell Tower, the exact same people are furiously trying to stop any blame being apportioned to those who fully deserve it, and the bankrupt culture of no regulation and the politicians that cheerlead for it that so fully deserves to be blamed.


Great reading here with @Sidney destroying a load of weirdo Irish Tory apologist lickspittles. :clap:


Enter the lickarse.