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Enter the square headed right winger.


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Just to come back to this. It’s perhaps the most stupid point made on this thread and a demonstration of how the poisonous rhetoric of Thatcher and the right-wing media have penetrated public discourse to a tragic level.

Nobody, apparently, should care about anything that doesn’t personally affect them.

Tory cuts don’t impact rich people.

So clearly you think a rich person has no right to vote against the Tories. I mean, why would they vote Labour? Labour want to tax them more. That would be mental.

Why would anybody who doesn’t live in a tower block care about whether tower blocks have sprinkler systems or have flammable cladding and broken fire alarms?

I don’t live in a tower block, and I doubt many here do, so why should anybody care? Carry on as before, please.

You could follow this logic to the nth degree, and many people do.

That’s a recipe for the collapse of societies, where nobody gives a flying fuck about anybody except themselves.

And that was Thatcher’s aim all along, wasn’t it?

She’d be proud of some of the posters here.


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Bang on the money.

I don’t think they really believe you shouldn’t hold a Your well reasoned views. It’s just the poverty of their own arguments lead them to playing the man and not the ball.


Excellent. Just been to Cars 3 in the cinema. It’s shite


They hate those in poverty but they are ones who are really in poverty.


No point in doing it too soon as any new leader would be contaminated by the toxic atmosphere. But it will be within three months at the most you’d think. A bigger question than when is who?


Pretty much all their options are more toxic than May, if that were possible.

May is actually a less immediately dislikeable figure than all their options bar David Davis and maybe Philip Hammond.

But the problem is Davis, much as he might seem an alright bloke to have a pint with, is more suited to pub level discussion than actual politics. He’d be out of his depth.

Hammond is even weaker than May and isn’t a serious option.

Rudd is more dislikeable than May.

Johnson is more dislikeable and more incompetent than May and would be more toxic than Trump.

The Tories are snookered whichever way they turn.

What has happened over the last month is a fundamental, game changing moment in British politics.

And another fundamental, game changing moment has occurred this week.


@Bandage, you should be out and about, not wumming.
It’ll surely rain for the remainder of the summer.


The Tories will surely reign for the remainder of the summer.

Beyond that, who knows.


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I’d say you will have yourself rubbed raw make sure and put an 18s cert on that snapchat story


Very weird remark


“Playing to the gallery”.


Yes I was. That’s a perfect example of it


Talk to @Bandage it was he made the suggestive comment to Flatty


Must be a rubby thing


Saying these things when it’s documented on here you moaning about health and safety rules when you don’t like them.




Any chance you might come up with a defence of the Tories and the no regulation culture that caused the Grenfell Tower disaster?

You’ve had three and a half days now. As have all the other Irish Tories on this thread. Nada so far from any of you.

Or are you content to just keep bizarrely moaning about me agreeing with a temporary homeless protest that you didn’t like because it took homeless people off the well-regulated streets that they were so safely sleeping in?