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Following Hillsborough the Taylor Report was set up by the Government. Despite the obvious failings of the British government of the time and subsequently in investigating that specific instance, the recommendations of that report have saved many lives. I’ll point out that successive governments of both parties failed over many years.

You though continue to rail against pitch invasions being stopped. This is a pure example of your hypocrisy.

As for the specific issue, we have read a few unverified facts on the matter. Unlike yourself I’m prepared to wait until the official report on the matter. On health and safety generally, im prepared to point out the failings of the Tories in the past, and at the same time their successes and the Labour Party. You though, some blob living on the west coast of Ireland wants to go to full on partisan politics. When we see the report I’m quite prepared to criticise whomever is at fault and look for solutions into the future.

You are desperate to politicise this in an instant, based on your Twitter followings ramblings. You’ve truly lost the plot in the last year and it’s only your faux supporters enjoying your clown show keeping your delusions up that stops you going off the rails.




This sidney guy is more than a bit simple :roll_eyes:


The famine was caused by capitalism. The food grown in Ireland was denied from the starving because they couldn’t pay for it and because others could. That’s capitalism 101. Nothing was to be let get in the way of the quasi-religious ideology of the market.

There is no such a thing as modern capitalism. Capitalist ideology is what it is. The free market, unfettered, and to hell with regulations.

And your brand of it is a literally murderous ideology which unfortunately isn’t just confined to the naive “libertarian” students I’ve come across over the years, but it is still widespread among easily-brainwashed simpletons like yourself and widespread in industry. That’s why effective regulation is required in every single industry one can think of.

Em, no it hasn’t, mate. The type of politics I subscribe to has brought the world its greatest ever period of peace and prosperity.

The type of politics you subscribe to drives wealth inequality to insane levels and makes the lives of ordinary people the world over utter hell.

You are a binary who sees everything in black and white. That is clear from your posts and the consistent tone of deranged anger in them, with all the emotional maturity of a 4chan user.

I am not a binary. I have the ability to think for myself, and I can think a lot, lot better than you, thanks.

What is black and white, ie. the utter tosh of you and your anarcho-capitalist nonsense, I see in black and white. I see what happened at Grenfell Tower as black and white because it quite obviously is, despite the best efforts of you and others to muddy the waters as much as possible to protect your failed political ideology from any criticism.

I see most most other things in shades of grey, because that’s how the world generally is.

You have an inability to think in anything other than black and white.

Which is why you’re such a nut.

i) I know more about UK building regulations than you. I’ve already had to correct your misinformation on such.
ii) Ideology did cause it. That’s already been answered. Next.
iii) Yawn. I’ll bet you anything what I do is more valuable than what you do. Whatever “work” you do, its clear you do fuck all of it because you’re on here the whole time. You come across as a terribly unhappy person. Which I am not.


Yet again you use this cliched tosh.

That’s called desperation.



Read up about Benjamin Disraeli and Victorian politics towards Ireland and educate yourself.

Your poor understanding of history is quite apparent.


Kensington Council.

Utter cunts.


Well done on googling Mr. D’Israeli, mate.

I’ve been well acquainted with Victorian politics and how it related to Ireland for many years, having got an A1 in higher level History in the Leaving Cert and having been a keen student of history ever since.

I’m sure @labane1917 is too, what with the landlord class in this country in the 1880s presumably being a key influence on his politics.


I doubt it bud



If he’d been around then they’re exactly the type of people he would have defended to the hilt.

Michael Davitt was the exact type of person he would have vilified.


I doubt it bud




II don’t think I have ever read so much stupid in a single post in a long time. So much so I will not be wasting any more of my valuable time engaging with your lunacy on this topic.

You are a socialist, bordering on a communist. Peace and prosperity? I suspect the 100 million who were murdered and starved to death since the Russian revolution under regimes you would have supported would disagree. You’re clearly a Trotskyite nutcase, living in a fantasy land of the coming socialist utopia.

Not that it matters, but I am a very content and happy person, or at least as happy as anyone can be while dealing with the assorted challenges that life throws at one. I have a wonderful wife and great kids, who give me enormous joy. You on the hand sound like a vindictive individual with a huge chip on your shoulder, your constant personal attacks on any poster who disagrees with you is evidence of that.

Landlords :joy:
Both parents grew up on small farms. I also have family members on both my side and my wife’s side who fought for Irish independence, so a big fuck you on that front as well.


ì’m a good read of character pal


When one has irrational belief in the infallibility of something, one will call anything that threatens that belief stupid. That’s your modus operandi. Oh well.

You say I’m a communist. Whatever. You just keep proving me right with your binary fantasies.

Good for you. You sure don’t come across like that’s the case, however.

Skim read back over both your posting history and the last 200 odd posts on this thread to see who receives more personal attacks.

i) In direct exchanges between us, it’s not you.
ii) On this thread, it’s also not you.

So? So do I.

What’s your point?

Your politics strongly suggests that had you been around at the time you would have worked directly against their interests in that regard, as well as against those who fought against greedy landlords during the Land Wars.


Is @Sidney actually crowing about getting an A1 in Leaving Cert history on here?



And I never went to the Institute or got grinds. :thumbsup:


You absolute sap, do you crow about what degree you did as well to mask your measly life achievements since university too?


Do you ever not resort to pathetic personal attacks to mask your measly inability to debate about anything?

No, you don’t!

And you tell us you work in the courts?

Deary me.

Christ, you’re shit at this.


What do I work as? Does something irk you because you always mention courts to me?

I’ve summed you up above. You haven’t rebutted any point on your hysterical attacks on some health and safety rules and derogatory comments on others doing the same. I’ve yet to defend or scream at anyone over this fire. I can understand people who live beside it or are involved being naturally angry. I can understand people wanted answers over the reckless loss of life quickly.

What I can’t understand is some loser on the west coast of Ireland coming in copying and pasting some partisan attacks from the UK political scene to score points. When we do see the report on this I’ll prepared to criticize anyone responsible. Grow up and stop going on about your leaving cert history research project.