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Fucks sake, not that uucoam.
The only logical endpoint to this is a split in the tory party into probrexit and antibrexit parties.
I just can’t see how they can hold here.


Did anyone see that drama about Boris and the Tory leadership election on BBC2 last night?

May is some chancer. The leadership of the country was basically handed to her after a series of blunders from Boris, Gove and then Leadsom. Not forgetting Cameron starting the whole shit storm with the Brexit malarkey.

May then proceeded to throw away the Tory majority she inherited with the needless election she called. She is useless.

And the Brits have this clown leading them out of the EU :joy::joy::joy:

You couldn’t make it up.


@Matty_Hislop I called this on the 1st of May and was savaged by the Pretend Irish Tory Party Faction led by @Tim_Riggins




Ah lovely




Disappointed to read about Ant McParlan checking into rehab.


Do these lads just make it up as they go along?


he’s getting the help he needs


Hopefully Dec stands by him, he will need all the support he can get.


You slagged her for getting a 2.1 from Oxford while ignoring a chap who failed two A Levels, that was my issue with your post.


You keep saying that now. That’s your only line of defence to your idiotic grandstanding on behalf of Mrs May and her band of Nation Wreckers. As I predicted May has been exposed as easily the worst Prime Minister of my lifetime and I think you’d have to go back as far as Neville Chamberlain to find one as hapless.


When did I grandstand for her? I merely said you’re picking and choosing your definition of intelligence. Laughing at someone for going to Oxford and getting a 2.1 versus someone with two Es in their A Levels. You picked out her academic record for some reason and just ignored someone elses. It was a strange thing to jeer someone for.

No need to twist facts.

A couple of things;

  1. as soon as the result came in I said she should go
  2. I abhor any deal with the DUP and cannot support it

There’s no blind support here for the Conservative Party. I’m prepared to say when I don’t agree with something or their actions.


In fairness you did say that, but you had no option, because you kept saying “wait til the results are in” confidently expecting her to win a rousing majority. :smiley:


Theresa May has just chaired a meeting of the Cobra Committee


I responded to two things.

You saying she was stupid because she did Geography in Oxford, yet ignoring her opponent who couldn’t pass two of his A Levels.

Then I said, wait until the results are in to see if she is a lame duck. I responded to @balbec agreeing that without a 50 seat majority she was gone eventually. Even though they increased their % by 5.5, she is toast.

I don’t have an issue with someone saying “I think X is a poor leader because of Y”, but it should stand up to scrutiny. I hate this all or nothing culture of fanatical support for a candidate. As I pointed out during the US election, I could say I don’t like Obama as a President, but I respected him as a great orator and campaigner. You can call Theresa May a poor leader but you’ll have to put forward better evidence than a 2.1 degree from Oxford being a reason.




Well, I’ll say one thing for the DUP - they voted to make private rented accommodation fit for human habitation.

So, perhaps it’s actually the DUP who are taking the big risk here by associating themselves with a party with some even more abhorrent policies than they have.


The clue to the express is the fact that it costs 10p.


Ah sure everything will be grand so.