Unsung Historical Heroes

I’ll open it up with Andrew Carnegie.
Started off life in a one room cottage in Scotland and rose to become the second richest man of all time.
A committed philanthropist he gave away virtually all his money to good causes including building libraries all over the world, including Ireland, in places as far removed as Killorglin and Rathmines. Also built loads of schools, universities and set up pensions for his workers. His steelworks provided the materials that built the great cities of America.
His motto was a man should spend the first third of his life getting educated, the second making money and the last third giving it all away to help others.
He was also a committed republican and wrote numerous articles about how Britain should abolish the monarchy. Also opposed American imperialsim in Phillipines and Cuba, even offering to buy Philllipines from US for 20m and give it the the Fillipinos.
He also had a fantastic white beard and came in very handy as Santy at work Christmas parties.
Saw a programme about him on History Channel the other day, after previously only hearing of him for Carnegie Hall and now I think he’s a great lad.


Bulmer Hobson would have to be right up there for his name alone. He also invented creameries I think.

Joseph Gayetty
Harry Ferguson
Vincent Massey
Joseph Cyril Bamford

FFS - thought we would have suggestions such as marat here yet we get a non descript businessman who has been like 100’s before & since who were kind yes he built malahide library but we arent easily bought

the entire ipswich squad whose utter sh1tness got roy keane the boot and spared us the constant stream of truth / drivel he provided

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Tremendous effort. Are you a fan of David’s Neoclassical masterpiece? I do think they were hard on his killer though, she got a grisly end.

whatever of corday, i always thought it war very harsh on marat that after his grizly death they fecked his heart in a sewer.

I always thought that marshall ney never got the recognition he deserved

Michael Fagan.

Great thread, happy in the knowlege that utter cunt puke won’t be along with some crap reference to brian lohan…

brian lohan has to be up there as well

i knew one clare lad had to start fantasising about lohan’s red helmet

Was Brian Lohan the guy who invented the pneumatic tyre?

Cathal Brugha.

Ger ‘Luigi’ MacCarthy. :clap:

Did you ever see him play?

Colin lynch

Wrong thread.

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