Uruguayan Gaels Sign In

Their group is hard to call.
They werent great in qualifying alao

The Uruguay Croatia final is gonna tear me apart.


In. The greatest football nation on earth

Signing in. Hoping for Darwin to do untold.

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Only thing I’m worried about is we don’t have yer man Tabares as Coach anymore.

He seemed to be in charge forever and definitely fell into the iconic category.

Here shure why not

A poor man’s Argentina but my second favourite team all the same

The lad playing for Spuds is very good. He’s their only decent player . Bentancur

Conte has him purring

Signing in.

That finish from Nunez :heart_eyes:

Guys :heart_eyes:

“The peace I need to approach football, what you see as pressure, is the knowledge that I respected my teammates, held nothing back. Fear grabs you sometimes but if you know you’re giving everything – really giving it, not just lip‑service – that lifts the pressure from you. You have nerves before a game, before a World Cup, but that shows you’re alive, ready. The day I don’t have that, I’ll leave. People confuse that, they get it wrong: a little fear is good. And then, once you step out there, it’s gone.”

Fucking hell, the man not only is a ride, he’s a fucking deep thinking philosopher of a ride.

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Our time is now

Nunez is going to do untold

But Tim Vickery said Nunez wouldn’t start :man_shrugging:

What would a rubby player know about the Uruguayan national soccer team?


Signing out