US OPEN 2015 (aka, Shane Lowry appreciation Thread)

Fair play to the Big Biffo :thumbsup:


Well in it. All the focus will be on Day, Speith and Johnston so opportunity for someone to shoot a good round and put pressure on them.

This has to be the brownest US Open in recent memory, in ironically in what is generally considered one of the greenest parts of the US.

Rory back to even par , -4 after 9.

South Africans usually ice cold in final rounds. Worth a punt?

Grace has a perfect record when leading going in to the last round. No pressure on him.
Rory just went to -2 and -6 for the day.

Fucksake, some putt there from wee Ruaraidh

DJ has it dialled in

Pubehead is ballin

Is Day gonna make it around lads?

Fuck all wrong with him.

Come on Rmac, pride of Ireland!!!

Ruairí lost momentum. Not enough holes left to get into contention now.

This has been most disappointing

Some finish to this in fairness. Ooshausen finshed his round with a birdie to complete at 4 under. Just a moment later the leader Spieth at -6 double bogied. Meanwhile Dustin Johnson just birdied 17 to join them at 4 under.

As I type Spieth has just hit a monster at 18 to give himself a 12 yard putt for EAGLE

Spieth birdies the last. Oosthuisens fucked, door still open for DJ

DJ hits an even better shot to the 18th green than Spieth. He’s left with a 10 yard putt to win this tournament with an EAGLE

Hon DJ. Speith is a right little cunt id say.

Dustin Johnson threw that one away.

That’s as good a choke as you’ll see all year.

Away home to ram the hole off Gretzky, you’re still my boy DJ.