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He was smeared no doubt, just think W was a better candidate for then. McCain was big into his foreign policy stuff, people forget that W had some major plans in Education that half fell by the wayside due to 911.


If being the most pro war member of the US Congress is your idea of decent, then by all means label him such.


When McCain was captured in Vietnam, he was offered freedom because his ould fella was an admiral in the US navy but refused it unless his fellow pow’s around him were freed also. 5 years a pow.
Whatever anyones opinion about the man is, that’s a stance that can’t be but respected.
Show me another true republican who called Trump on his horsehit in any way like McCain did.


A blatant warmonger you gobshite.


Did I say otherwise?


If Trump hadn’t of had those heel spurs that prevented him getting into the army I’m sure he would have made a bigger and better sacrifice


If Trump had been on the scene for any of those school shootings he’d have heroicially taken out the shooter.

A true hero.





@Sidney, maybe you’ve seen this:


I’d like to hear #marian include the owners of some of these vehicles in panel discussions for #balance.


Wrong, again.

A combination of two polls conducted over the past two weeks found that only 18 percent of Trump voters believe using the racial epithet makes white people racist and just 42 percent find the term offensive. On the other side of the aisle, more than three-quarters of Hillary Clinton voters said that the n-word is offensive and racist.

Over 70 percent of Trump supporters indicated that they would still cast their vote for a political candidate even if they had said the n-word. By contrast, nearly 90 percent of Clinton voters say it would deter them from supporting a candidate if they had used the slur before.

The findings, reported by The Washington Post, were part of two different polls conducted by YouGov and The Economist as well as Huffpost during the week of August 14 to August 21.


It’s pretty sad that you don’t appreciate the difference between using an offensive word in conversation and directing a derogatory term towards a person. I can assure you if Trump called a black person the n word and it was recorded, he would lose massive support.

Think of it like the liberal use of the word cunt on TFK and certain parts of Ireland, and the distinction between that and walking up to a woman or maybe stalking her and then calling her a cunt.

Context mate.


Stunned silence to that remark.

So just out of interest, when you’re hanging out with your mates and there’s no black folk around, are you lads saying things like “look at this nigger, look at that nigger, that nigger on the tv yesterday”?


You can assure me.

Thanks for that.

It’s not racist if they can’t hear you, or something.


OI don’t use the word, but anyone suggesting the word isn’t used in conversation in the US is naive or ignorant. Blacks obviously use it all the time not just casually in conversation but reference each other using the word constantly. Other races use it commonly enough as well, but gerarally would never use it towards a black person. I’ve heard it a few times directed at a black person and in all instances it was Hispanics using the word.


Is a white kid calling another white kid the n word a racist?


Blacks can use it as they want. It’s sort of a privilege of being black.

Whites don’t get to use it for reasons that are so obvious I shouldn’t need to explain them.

Depends what age the kid is, doesn’t it? If it’s a five year old kid you’re talking about, they’re too young to understand the significance of it.

If it’s a 17 year old kid, yes, they are.

If they’re using it at all, they’ve been socialised into a culture of racism.

And why on earth would a white person call another white person the n word?

That poll completely blows your assertions about Trump supporters out of the water, by the way.

It isn’t the economy, stupid. It’s the racism, stupid. It always has been, and you’ve always been utterly blind to this. How fucking naive are you?


You should really get out and meet other human beings once in a while, it would do you the world of good.

White kids, Hispanic kids, Asian kids all use the n word quite commonly in conversation. Anyone who thinks they are being racist is a fucking imbecile.

And all presidential elections in the US are predominantly about the economy, always have been, always will be. Anyone not grasping that is even more imbecilic.


Bump…god bless America