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Aye right. Has your head ever been out of your hole?


Well, perhaps you could answer the question for me.

Do you think politicians interfering in the judicial process to prevent political allies being prosecuted should be a resigning matter?


Their feet shouldn’t touch the ground. But that’s not what you said…


Could you answer the question, please?


I did. Their feet shouldn’t touch the ground on the way out. They shouldn’t have the chance to resign.
Not that anyone would consider norn iron normal but 30 grand is what it takes to fix a high court case here. Unless you’re a mason/ dup affiliate etc.
Look at Paisley jnr. A bit of a suspension for taking bribes to lobby for a government accused of mass murder.


Could you answer the question in English please?

Just say Yes or No. It’s pretty easy.


I’ll answer it whatever way I like


Brian Klass is a partisan liberal and in this instance a willful liar. Unsurprising you fall for it.

If Trump wanted to influence the course of justice he would instruct his AG to drop the charges against the two congressmen, or at least delay the charges until after the Nov elections. It is standard DOJ procedure to avoid any actions that would influence an election, ironically the issue the Democrats were up in arms about when Comey reopened the probe into Clinton so close to the presidential election.

As I said previously, you lack the intellect to apply context to any issue.


You can answer in Ulster-Scots if you like.

Just say “Och Aye” or “Nay”.


I’m not interested in you sticking your fingers in your ears and whistling away to yourself because you don’t like somebody who says something.

Do you think interfering in the judicial process should be a resigning matter?


Avoiding the central question as always, as this is an issue leftists cannot deal with.

The stated goal of Hamas and Hezbollah is the elimination of the State of Israel and genocide of all Jews in the ME. Only a leftist nutcase would deny that these headcases would do exactly that if they had the ability to do so.

There is no comparison to the IRA, old or new. Was the stated goal of the IRA genocide of all loyalists?

There’s no point trying to educate you further on the n word or the context of using any derogatory term. Based on your own use of language here, you are the most racist, misogynistic, homophobic individual on this site.


Yes, if there was interference.
Criticizing the timing of bringing charges is not interference. Interference would be, you know, actual interference. if Trump had actually interfered in the process, no charges would have been brought.


Right enough sid. That’s a serious crock of shit. You’d see more parallels with the loyalists and the Palestinians in some regards. Yabadabadoo, any fenian/jewellery will do etc.


Of course Hezbollah and Hamas say they want to eliminate Israel. The state of Israel was created through terrorism and ethnically cleansing the native population off the land.

You do acknowledge this, yes?

It’s a pretty mainstream point of view to believe that the creation of the state of Israel was a disastrous historical mistake, and there’s nothing remotely anti-semitic about that belief.

I won’t deal with any of the rest of your post because they’re the ramblings of a kool-aid-drunk maniac and deserve complete dismissal for their ludicrousness.


Trump is not criticising “the timing” of charges being brought. He’s saying the charges shouldn’t be brought, full stop.

His tweets are official Presidential statements.

So you think Trump should resign, yes?


The State of Israel was created the same way any other country or state was created, and with UN backing. Indigenous Jews and indigenous Arabs fought in Palestine after WWII ended and the Jews won. As in all wars both sides used “terrorism”.

The state of Israel is the only state in the ME that even remotely resembles the kind of democratic state you supposedly support. Again, leftists cannot deal with this central issue, in their intolerance for Israel they find themselves on the side of genocidal medieval inspired maniacs…


You’re hitting bedrock here, mate.


You like to see things in black and white


Where does he say charges should not have been brought? You’re grasping at straws here, defending your fellow leftist. If Trump had actually interfered, charges wouldn’t have been brought, you simpleton.


You didn’t answer the question.

People in Gaza and the West Bank still have the keys to the houses they were ethnically cleansed out of through precisely no fault of their own.

Do you acknowledge that the state of Israel was founded through terrorism and ethnic cleansing?