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Loyalists and Palestinians are medieval religious nutcases. There’s a reason every other Arab country kicked the Palestinians out instead of making a homeland for them, as was done for the long suffering Jews.


The state of Israel was created the same way every other state and country was created. Israel is actually very restrained in it’s response to constant attacks by radical Muslims who want to eliminate all Jews. If they wanted to they could wipe out every Arab within 500 miles of their borders.

Do you think Hamas or Hezbollah would be as restrained if they were in the position Israel is in? Answer the question. Do you not feel embarrassed being on the side of genocidal religious nutcases?


I’m very much not the one grasping at straws here, mate.

Over the last three years I’ve backed you into a corner where you are now in a situation where you are flailing to desperately defend Trump against every single piece of indefensible shit he does, as you are here.

It’s been an interesting thought experiment, for sure.

Though I’m not sure what thought process goes into desperately defending an orange buffoon when he decides to try and pervert the course of justice for his mates.

People like you are fodder.for cults.

It’s fascinating to watch, as they say, as they say.


I’m not defending him at all, I’m merely pointing out you quoted a lie and can’t accept it is a lie.
Post up where Trump said charges should not have been brought, or stfu.


You should substitute “Jews” for Palestinians and see how you get on with that one.

Palestinians are semites, by the way.

Who was it that was calling who “anti-semitic”?

Tut tut.


The majority of Jews currently living in Israel are atheists mate, like yourself.


The way Israel are treating the Palestinians is a disgrace and will do the Israelis a lot more harm than they realise. I have plenty of sympathy for the Palestinians but not much for hamas…some understanding maybe


Look, mate, it’s like this. It’s staring everybody in the face that everything you think you know about the Israel/Palestine situation is gleaned from exclusively pro-Israel, mainly US -based sources, therefore it’s only to be expected that you have a rabid hatred of Palestnians.

There’s fuck all point continuing to respond to you because you’re both a thundering bore and an absolute fanatic in your mistaken beliefs, completely impervious to reason.

Go and burn some Nike runners, or something.


The way every Arab state has treated the Palestinians is a disgrace, in particular those with vast wealth. They could have easily (and still could) create a Palestinian state similar to Israel, if they gave a shit. They have used the Palestinians as pawns since 1948.

I agree Israel has frequently been deplorable in its actions, but there is simply no moral equivalency. They fought for their state and have the right to defend it like any country.


I don’t hate anyone mate, least of all the long suffering Palestinians. I do hate the ideology that calls for genocide though.


I agree with you, but isn’t there a contradiction here?


I’m really not interested in how Jews do or do not practice their religion.

The governing ethos of the state of Israel is based on that of a greater Israel that comes from biblical times, and that is very much religious nutjobbery.

Again, I’m not interested in ludicrous attempts at justifying Israeli state terror and colonialism. I’ve no interest in debating a nutcase.




Again, you seem to have missed the context part of your English classes or maybe the entire comprehension semester.

Where did I say I hate Palestinians? Do you simply not understand the difference between condemning ideas or ideology and condemning people who hold that ideology?

You’re not much of an atheist, most can understand this distinction.


This is an utterly bizarre line of argument.

“It’s your fault that others won’t stand up for you”.


As in the Palestinians deserve a state? I think they do, but wiping out Israel is probably not on the cards, no matter how much they desire it.


I understand it’s beyond your comprehension.


You’re hilarious


I’m consistent in my beliefs mate, and don’t suffer from extreme cognitive dissonance like yourself.


Again, that’s unintentionally hilarious.