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Julio thinks that China are about to overtake the US as the global power.



You’re projecting again mate. Galway would be a much better place if you fucked off back to Dublin and collected your government handouts there.


Sure isn’t that what the Trumpists are saying? :joy:


Who is Gary Shapiro? Even if he’s a Trump fan, so what? Doesn’t mean I support him.

I note he says “world largest economy”. That isn’t what Julio said, as pointed out at the time.


You need to try and stop proving me correct about you, mate.

Try and come up with your own lines without stealing mine.

It’s far, far too easy for me to accurately pigeonhole you at the moment.


Fox News is the official media organ of the Tiny Hands regime, pal.

They are saying the exact same thing as that what you produced a laughing smiley for what you claimed @Julio_Geordio was saying.

So you’d be much better off laughing at the regime you support.

Everybody else is.


Again, you fail to read.

He said the Global Power.

The Soviet Union was still one of the two global Super Powers in the later 20th century despite its economy trailing badly the US for much of that period.

A super power is measured on economic strength, military, political and soft power.

The Soviet Union’s nuclear arsenal, military power, scientific and space investment (up until the 70s anyway), geographic position, strategic bases and overall soft power made up for a lot of that.

Economic strength is up for debate as it is. GDP is important, but so are a whole host of other metrics. I wouldn’t expect you to understand that.

Julio stated that China could finally overtake the US as the Global Power on earth. That has to be across a range of things to be even open to debate. They are still only arriving at the Stage as a super power.


Why would anyone steal your lines? You’re a shit writer, if you were any good someone would publish you, instead you spend your entire day posting drivel on here. It must be highly embarrassing for such a well qualified “journalist”.


The largest economy on earth not being a global power, of course. :laughing:


In your case it’s because you’re a quasi-illiterate.


My gosh.

Failing to read again.

This is what he said;

You’ll note in my very post where I said China were a Super Power. We’re talking about number one.


Hey, I thought Trump was supposed to be “anti-war”?

So why the obsession with being the world’s number one “superpower”?

Maybe him and his supporters are just full of shit?


Again, Sidney’s thing is to steal other people’s lines and repeat them ad nauseum. It’s either a physiological reflect from the routine cul de sacs of stupidity he gets himself down or a weird thing that he does that he thinks is quirky and funny, like pretending to support the Northern Ireland football team for years.


Generally what happens is I come up with the lines and others steal them, mate.

I take it as a compliment.

But I wouldn’t expect a poster such as yourself who has such little handle on reality to understand that.


I don’t care for your deflection.

Quote me again if you can find an argument on the internet for you to Copy and Paste here as to why China are about to replace the US as the number one global super power.


Nobody said “superpower”, mate, except you when you tried to deflect for the 1,345,339th time on this forum.

Forgive me for including the same word as you did in your last post. I do that because you’re an utterly transparent hypocrite.

You’re trying to move the goalposts after being caught out rotten.

That’s what shit debaters, like yourself, do.


He’s not wrong.


He is wrong. Unless China were to change dramatically it has absolutely no chance of replacing the US, near term or long term.

China is an authoritarian, non democratic state and it’s values and ideals will never be acceptable not just to the US and it’s allies, but even it’s democratic neighbors in Asia. They have zero chance of exporting their ideas to other countries, and are more likely to go the way of the USSR, there’s some evidence of that already.

China is facing a future of population shrinkage and slowing economic growth, estimates are its population will shrink to 1B by the end of this century while the US will reach almost 500M. Despite all the hysteria over Trump, the US remains the country of choice for immigrants and those seeking economic opportunities. In a recent Gallup poll, 147 million people worldwide would move to the US, if given the chance. Not many would want to move to China.


America is the greatest country in the world, that fact drives some lads insane, imagine moving to the likes of China or India


Or Venezuela