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Again, I’m not sure why you’re bothering to post irrelevant gibberish when I’ve comprehensively proven you wrong on your idiotic point.

It’s been comprehensively settled that you were wrong.

Never being able to accept your INTERNET beatings is yet another characteristic, among many, that marks you out as a particularly sad, deluded cunt.


You’re obsessed with Fox mate. It’s a garbage news outlet, similar to its peers like MSNBC. Nobody with a brain* pays any attention to mainstream media these days.

  • Obviously that rules you out.


That reads like something Gemma O’Doherty would write.

But to be fair to Gemma, not even she is as nuts as you, and it’s not even close.


You wouldn’t beat an intellectually challenged child in a debate mate, I’ve met many 12 year olds who have far better reasoning ability than you. You’re a clueless, classless moron.

Oh and goodnight.


I couldn’t have possibly thought of a better description of you, mate. Thanks.

I’d say you meet a lot of 12 year olds, alright. Tinder, is it?

Oh no. That’s me told.

Right on cue. Tucker Carlson is starting now. Enjoy, and don’t forget to have your laptop handy to copy down whatever nonsense he’s saying, that’s if your hands haven’t already gone into spasm with rage.


Sidney the local stations in the US are actually very different from the Networks, even if owned by the Fox (they aren’t all owned by them and some just are affiliates).

Local news in the US is quite banal stuff, not much of any talking head stuff. They wouldn’t be taking direction from Fox News HQ in New York. Still a stupid and leading headline though accepted. It’s Texas, it wouldn’t surprise me to see it on any station.


Paul Manafort Pleads Guilty, Agrees To Cooperate In Mueller Probe

This witch hunt is catching an awful lot of witches.Id say Donnie Jr is next.


This has nothing to do with Donald Trump. NOTHING.

Move on, NOTHING to see here.


Fucking eejits thought he hadn’t flipped and changed their statement when they found out he had. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

‘Paul Manafort will tell the truth,’ Trump’s legal team said. Minutes later, they took it back

  • After Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort agreed to cooperate with prosecutors working for special counsel Robert Mueller, President Donald Trump’s legal team said “the President did nothing wrong and Paul Manafort will tell the truth.”
  • Minutes later, they seemed to reconsider. A “corrected” statement removed the bit about Manafort telling the truth.
  • The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CNBC asking whether the president expects Manafort to tell the truth.


He only hires the “best” people.


It’s sort of lost on him that the same people he thinks are carrying out a so called “deep state” conspiracy against him are people he appointed himself.

Then again, there are a lot of things that are lost on him.


Flynn Manafort Papadopoulos Cohen Gates.Nothing but the best.


Nothing to see here. Sure if they did a deep dive into any ex-presidents campaigns and associates they’d find bribes and tax evasion to beat the band. Crooked Hillary and the Clinton Foundation, they’d have ro build new jails to accomodate the corruption in that house.


Oh dear. Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual assault and his accuser has gone public.

Telling how the default Republican reaction is to dismiss an allegation of sexual assault.

Sure what would you expect from a party who ran a child sexual abuser for the senate less than a year ago and are in cult-like thrall to a serial sexual assaulter.

The Republicans, the party of woman hating and tolerating sex crimes.

A woman who alleges she was subjected to a sexual assault by supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh waived her anonymity on Sunday, in order to tell her story.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Christine Blasey Ford described the incident she says happened in the 1980s, when she and Kavanaugh were high school students.

According to the Post, Ford described how Kavanaugh and a friend – both “stumbling drunk” – corralled her into a bedroom at a house in Montgomery county, Maryland.

The Post reported: “While his friend watched, she said, Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed on her back and groped her over her clothes, grinding his body against hers and clumsily attempting to pull off her one-piece bathing suit and the clothing she wore over it. When she tried to scream, she said, he put his hand over her mouth.”

Ford, now a 51-year-old research psychologist in northern California, told the Post: “I thought he might inadvertently kill me.”

She added: “He was trying to attack me and remove my clothing.”


Even by your standards this is hilariously naive and myopic.

I suppose it hasn’t crossed your mind at all that this could be politically motivated? Given Ms Blasey Ford is a registered Democrat who has frequently contributed to the DNC? Strange she didn’t mention this claimed incident to anyone at the time, 35 years ago. It is somewhat contradicted by the 65 women from diverse backgrounds who knew Kavanaugh in High School and said he always behaved honorably and treated women with the utmost respect.

Republican are then party of sex offenders now? They certainly have had plenty in their ranks, but you’ve never heard of Bill Clinton? How about Al Franken, John Conyers, Bob Filner, Raul Bocanegra, Dan Schoen, Tony Mendoza, Ira Silverstein, or good old Anthony Weiner? All Republicans are they?

Having said that, this should be taken seriously. The Senate should hold a hearing and call Ms Blasery Ford and any witnesses to the alleged event and have them and Kavanaugh testify under oath.

It does smell a little of the Anita Hill allegations against Clarence Thomas.


A couple of days ago you said this was a smear campaign.

Wrong again. That’d be your deep seated misogyny and default inclination to disbelieve women. Typical Republican traits.

Amazing how the Republicans suddenly went looking for 65 women to defend Kavanaugh, considering this only came out a couple of days ago. Or perhaps they were aware of this all along…

Larry Murphy didn’t kill every woman he ever met, Donald Trump hasn’t groped every woman he ever met, so what’s the point of these 65 women anyway?

Blasey Ford has passed an FBI lie detector test and her allegations correspond with notes from 2012 when she went to a therapist, long before Kavanaugh was in contention for nomination to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh’s alleged accomplice, Mark Judge, hasn’t denied the incident happened.

By the way, here’s some outtakes from piece Mr. Judge wrote recently. A man whose views on masculinity and femininity are highly developed, not.

Kavanaugh is a lying shit. If there’s any justice at the end of all this, his pal will be the only Judge who was in the room that night.


Crikey you had never heard of this chap a few weeks ago and now he is the devil.


It bears all the hallmarks of a smear campaign, only a blithering idiot like yourself would think otherwise. Sen Feinstein has had the letter from this woman for months and decides to release it a few days before the confirmation vote. If Democrats believed this was a serious charge why wasn’t it brought to the Senate committee earlier? You don’t think that’s political? Are you really that stupid? I guess you are.

What have the writings of Mark Judge got to do with Kavanaugh? You have written some of the most obnoxious misogynistic filth on this site, so you hardly have grounds to criticize others. However, as you are TFK’s expert on sexual harassment of women and predatory behavior, I suppose we should take what you say very seriously.

The 65 women who have testified on behalf of Kavanaugh are called character witnesses, something you have a record of defending. Why would any of them be any more or less believable than the woman making the accusation? Especially given the woman making the accusation is clearly highly motivated towards the DNC. What you are basically saying is Kavanaugh is guilty because an accusation has been made against him.

As I previously said, put them all under oath and let’s see how they hold up under questioning.


Christine Blasey Ford asked her not to release it, you dope. Do you think Feinstein should have released it without her permission?

Why is your default reaction to disbelieve an accuser?

Oh yeah, because you’re a misogynist pig.

No need for the projection, you lying, misogynistic piece of plankton.

The default response of a misogynist is to look for any reason to try and disbelieve and discredit a female accuser. You’ve certainly played to type here in that regard.

As I said, you’re a typical Republican, being a misogynist goes hand in hand with being such.

The writings of Mr. Judge, the alleged witness and Mr. Kavanaugh’s buddy, give a keen insight into the mind of your average Republican. Perhaps that’s why I’ve so touched a nerve by referencing them.

65? Make that two, now.

What kind of weirdo needs to go around collecting testimonies from women to say they’re not a sexual predator, anyway?

Somebody who is, I’'d wager.

You might remember Al Franken resigned, correctly, after allegations of sexual misconduct against him, allegations he denied or disputed.

Collins and Murkowski both called for Franken to resign.

Why are they not calling for Kavanaugh to do so now? The Republican hypocrisy is utterly breathtaking.

Kavanaugh is only being proposed as a justice in the fucking Supreme Court, the highest court in the US. That’s sort of a position where character is just a little bit important.

But not for Republicans - they appointed the sexual harrasser Clarence Thomas before, now appointing an attempted rapist is just fine as far as they’re concerned. Fits neatly alongside their support for a child sexual abuser in Alabama last year.


Trust a Trump to joke about sexual assault. It’s in the blood.