US Politics and the campaign for moral equivalence


That’s because they have a Queen.


Give it twelve months @labane1917 before moving, the crash will hit and swoop in like a vulture


What may happen? The Mariners go bust?



I think you’d love Newcastle. I get you good deal. Good deal for you sir.


All the big knobs from the states are buying up land in New Zealand mate.That’s where the rich are going when things go tits up.


That’s if he’s not shot dead in the meantime.


2024 is D day mate. Trust me.


More of a chance of a cap up your fat arse.


The Donald is still doing campaign rallies for reasons only he knows. There’s an absolute baying mob here in front of him chanting “lock her up” and “USA”.
Highlight so far is Donald saying he is the first President “to fulfil more promises than he made” :joy:


Donald has “ended the war, on beautiful clean coal”.


He could well be the greatest WUM of all time.


he is driving snowflakes absolutely demented, he deserves a medal for it


Donald says that “teachers love their students” and that they would be more inclined to protect them than security guards, who “for whatever reason heard shots and didn’t go into the school”.


Not a security guard, an actual armed police officer assigned to the school. Video shows him standing outside the building for six minutes while the shooting was taking place. Total dereliction of duty. As the sheriff said yesterday his job was to go in, identify the shooter and kill him.


Maybe teachers should man the doors and police officers should teach?



Trump absolutely SEETHING as Jay Inslee takes him to task.


Can you imagine if they’d armed the Christian brothers.


I thought you went to the Jez?