US Politics and the campaign for moral equivalence


Things are about to get Stormy for David Dennison, I mean Donald Trump.

Not only has Ms. Huckabee Sanders effectively admitted that Trump had an affair with the porn star, but it now appears the Trump campaign committed election fraud by using campaign funds to pay her off.

No wonder Melania hates him.


Well at least this white house is not boring. Who is the chief of staff for Trumps white house? Hopefully whoever it is is getting double the salary of the last incumbant to deal with all this crap.


The Donald is some WUM !!


T-Rex gone as Secretary of State.

Pompeo in.



Pompeo, a bold choice



Here’s what Rexy Boy said a few hours before he got fired.

Bad move.


Ah lovely, very Freudian

Rexy Boy found out about his sacking via Twitter. The exact way you’d expect him to find out. Either that or CNN.


You have to admire Trump and the way he likes to keep his Cabinet refreshed. No fear anyone in Trumps Cabinet is getting comfortable. :slight_smile:


Was that severed intentional I wonder?