US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


Good god. Republicans went from ‘it’s false news’ to ‘paedophilia’s not that bad’ real quick.


37% of Alabama’s evangelicals now more likely to vote for Roy Moore after a woman says he molested her when she was 14.




@labane1917 on his daily commute.


What a delicious irony that that video is a New York Post one given that they routinely whip up this sort of racial hatred.


No one said anything until he called him a nigger. :smile:


Sorry mate, can’t possibly be me as this lad is clearly in the words of J Cole “half cracker and a nigger too”, and I am 100% cracker.


I see the American President is busy ‘debating’ with a basketball personality on Twitter. What a country.


Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

Flynn is a pretty big fish himself. But you don’t co-operate and/or negotiate a plea bargain if the real target isn’t a good bit higher up than yourself.



@Turenne reads teenvogue

Beyond weird in a forum full of oddballs


@Turenne is black.Give him a break.


A black teenage girl?


@Turenne is a girl?


based on his reading material, yes


Might explain the comfort eating.





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