US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


The back story here is Elizabeth Warren consistently claimed to be of native American descent during her academic life and professional career. This is an actual issue as universities have quotas for minorities, whether to attend as a student or take up employment. An actual native American would pretty much be guaranteed entry to any college such is their low numbers compared to other minorities.

There is absolutely zero evidence that Elizabeth Warren is of native American descent. It’s similar to @turenne arguing he is black because he listens to a bit of gansta rap.



Trump is this morning retweeting this fascist wagon from Britain First who was charged with “threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour” over this speech in Belfast.

The pretence has long since gone.



Karma’s a bitch. Matt Lauer fired for being a sex pest.


Listen to these cunts pining after their favorite sex pest.


The fake news regime happily admit they peddle fake news.

It was always only a matter of time before Trump allied himself with far right Loyalist nutcases.

Trump has a great opportunity now to cosy up even more to his new hardline Loyalist pals with the 20th anniversary of Billy Wright’s death less than a month away.

A commemorative tweet for a “great man” would down a treat.



The irony of a Trump supporter expressing delight at somebody else losing their job for sexual harassment never fails to amuse.


The actual irony is clearly lost on you.


And there you go again.

You’re a never ending source of amusement.


The is thing is, he might actually be right in this belief.

But race wasn’t the primary issue why people voted for him, of course.

Or something.


The election is over, go to bed you sad cunt.


You seem in a very angry mood, mate.

Don’t look at the gun.



The similarities in ideology between the candidate Trump is endorsing for the Alabama senate seat and ISIS really are uncanny.


If I may quote the post two previous to yours, it’s a very pertinent riposte to you:


It was probably just satire mate, but just In case I think you shouldn’t vote for him.


You normally seem to get very het up about this stuff - only when brown people say it, mind.

Not a peep out of you when it comes from within your beloved Republican party.


“Appealing to the base”.

They’re “base”, alright.