US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


I have very rarely voted Republican mate. I’m a left leaning libertarian, so candidates worthy of my vote are a bit scarce on the ground.

Trump is just taking the piss at this stage, you along with the rest of the Twitterazi are so brainless to fall for it hook line and sinker.


Trump tweeting the wrong Theresa May :joy:


I’m sure Trump is heartbroken at May’s admonition.


Sure you’re “left-leaning”.

You’re about as “left-leaning” as I’m a Galway hurling supporter.

Trump is the president of your country. Your only response to him humiliating your country in front of the world every day for the last two years with far right rhetoric, and until he’s forced to resign in disgrace, is to laugh with him like a child while he does it.

It says a lot for your understanding of “politics”, and demonstrably proves that you’re on exactly the same page as him in term of worldview.

The only people laughing are those in other countries, like myself, who laugh as the “politics” of brainless morons with the self-awareness of a garden spade, like you, proves itself to be the utter shitshow that anybody with a half-functioning brain has always known it to be.

But nobody in the US with any sort of a functioning brain is laughing


Nobody in the US, and I suspect very few in Ireland, gives a flying fuck what you think mate. You’re about as relevant as the droves of morons that surely follow you on Twatter.


But of course you “don’t support Trump”. Oops.

It’s gas how your “politics” and your posting here has disintegrated into such a shitshow that you’ve retreated into some sort of fantasy world where your only refuge is to engage in sub-Tassotti-esque trolling about irrelevant randomers you’ve spent a lot of time on Twitter reading the messages of, or imagining “triumphantly” in your mind how your president with the reading age of a seven year old might get a juvenile kick out of annoying people with far right rhetoric.

And you used to claim to be an adult. :grin:

I suppose given that your whole worldview has proven to be such a fraud, you need to employ some sort of delusional mechanism to try and fool your mind and not go insane. You’ve clearly chosen to try and avoid insanity by embracing it wholeheartedly. An unorthodox plan, but unfortunately for you, a dismal failure.


Wow, what a comeback.

I see you’ve been copying the writing style of Trump’s Russianbots.

At least the bots have the excuse of not being actual people.

What’s your excuse?


Inciting hatred is now taking the piss is it?


Who do you think incites more hatred mate, radical Islamists who want to restore a warped twisted violent 7th century ideology or those that oppose them? I have more admiration for those that oppose these mad cunts than soft cocks like you who want to appease them.


Unlike you I spend no time on Twitter, as I have better things to do with my time than writing childlike prose and foisting it on a bunch of similar minded useless morons. Face it pal, nobody in the real world finds your infantile drivel even mildly amusing.


More whataboutery.


Not at all mate, just calling out lefties for what they are, spineless cowards. This shouldn’t even be a left versus right issue, it’s simply a matter of resisting the most poisonous ideology on the planet. For whatever reason those on the left don’t have the balls to do it, save a few brave ones like Sam Harris. Anyone claiming to be a liberal in the sense of standing for freedom from religious input into private life, or the legal system, should be appalled at the utter horseshit that most Muslims worldwide believe should be the law of the land. That’s before even getting to the madness of radical Islam.


Eh hes the president of the US. Hes either nuts, or as you suggest just winding up the world via his twitter account. In which case he is still nuts


Exactly, he’s the president of the United States and he doesn’t give a fuck what people outside the US think of him. In that respect he’s the same as literally every other US president in history, except he has no problem expressing it. He might be a pompous buffoon but what you see is what you get, unlike the majority of the smarmy slime balls in politics.


Thats the problem though. What most people see is an absolute nutjob


Agree and I would say many of those that voted for him would admit he’s a madman. Here’s the but though, if the economy continues to expand and the economic well-being of enough people improves in line with the expansion, it won’t matter a toss how nuts he behaves.


Just another seven years to go!


Predictably, there isn’t a peep out of you at the nakedly racist and misogynist ISIS-like white supremacist ideology that has rapidly engulfed your beloved Republican party.

Politics isn’t like following a football team, mate, so stop treating it like that.

You need to stop Klansplaining.


He must remind you of yourself in that regard.


Rex is on his way out.