US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


will he last the term bud?


I would imagine so, unless he dies in office.
The Washington Post have given up on the Russian collusion story which tells you it is and always was a load of bollox. A few associates of Trumps may go to jail for breaking the law on business dealings with the Ukraine or Russia, but there’s nothing to implicate Trump himself.


its some circus. would Clinton have escalated tensions tough esp with Russia?,


You really should check the date on articles you post, especially opinion pieces by Republican lobbyists who have worked for two Republican presidents. :grin:

It kind of exposes you as a delusional fantasist who only sees what they want to see.


I was quite interested to learn that the US continues to have no ambassador to South Korea, which has been the case since January.

Presumably @labane1917 will have some moronic logic about why this is a good thing (saving money, likely :grin:), but given the supposed threat of North Korea, I think anybody of a reasonable disposition would agree that no other conclusion can be come to other than that it is spectacular incompetence to go nearly a year and counting without an ambassador to a key ally, a state which is by far under the greatest threat from North Korea.

Although given the calibre of people Trump appoints, maybe it’s a good thing - a Trump-appointed ambassador would probably do a slanty eyes gesture to the South Korean PM on his first day, or something.


Translation of what @labane1917 really means:

“I think serious political corruption is just fine, as long as a Republican does it, and I’ll go to any lengths to defend it, because I, @labane1917, am an entirely brainwashed moron.”


So one should only read articles by left wing publications to arrive at an independent view? I’m not a deranged lunatic like you mate who spends all day every day spewing garbage you regurgitate from

I have consistently told you since this Russian collusion story started that nothing will be found to implicate Trump. Just as calling the election correctly I will be proven right once again. Sad that you are consistent wrong, but are too boneheaded to ever admit it.


Please provide the evidence that Trump colluded with Russians to try and influence the election. It seems to be beyond Robert Mueller but I’m sure a good for nothing failed journalist will have no problem unearthing the truth.


The best you could come up with to try and back up your statement that “the Washington Post have given up on the Russian collusion story” is an over three month old opinion article by a Republican lobbyist who has worked for two Republican presidents.

You utter moron. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:



Why are you so pro-corruption, mate?


Here’s a story from ten minutes ago.

@labane1917 has his fingers in his ears and is whistling a pro-slavery song to himself.


You are some fucking eejit mate. Log off there, hop in the car and drive down to skid row in oakland or into the tenderloin, and spend a few hours having a screaming match with some degenerate who doesn’t want a debate, just someone to shout back at him. You won’t do that? well then why are you doing that precise thing on here?


He is. And so are you.



Can we assume that if you lived in Ireland, you’d be a fervent supporter of Martin Callinan, Noirin O’Sullivan and the Garda Siochana hierarchy against any allegations that they tried to frame Maurice McCabe for being a child rapist?

And that you’d have been defending the Department of Justice to the hilt for not providing documents to the Charleton Tribunal?

And defending Frances Fitzgerald for misleading the Dail?

And defending Paul Williams for his blatantly biased and misleading reporting of the case all through?

We can assume all this, yes?


It’s sport mate. There are very few things on this site this time of year that are entertaining, but @Sidney railing against the injustices he faces on a daily basis is as good as it gets until the hurling season starts.

You’re right though, I’ve heard more coherent arguments from homeless lads heading in on BART to the city for their day of “work”. It would be a lovely cushy number for Sid, no real cold weather to deal with and cheap cans.


If I lived in Ireland we would have a 32 county (non socialist) Republic by now pal. Sadly for you and the other pseudo Republicans my skills are more appreciated here. America’s gain, Ireland’s loss.


It’s fairly tedious though mate, it doesn’t show you in a great light to spend so much time arguing with such a person. This is a very interesting time in US politics, but this thread is clogged with not great debate and pointless retweets. Smoke some weed, eat some fantastic mexican food and leave shriekers to their own devices. Eventually the mirror will be the only one left to shriek at.


I know the argument well, don’t engage with the nutters. I disagree though because the nutters can gain traction when you have such a pliable generation of stupids as we are currently saddled with. It’s important to defend the truth, as history teaches us when the truth is vanquished the delusional take over.


Maybe not directly with Russia but her legacy as Secretary of State suggests she would have caused more destabilization in the ME, which is still the major risk for escalating into a major war. As it is things are not going badly, ISIS have been dismantled and the Saudis are starting to emerge from the medieval era

I would be quite hopeful the region is heading for a long overdue period of peace. The lefty nutters on here of course would prefer to see ongoing carnage so they have something to be outraged about.


I just see ongoing carnage in Yemen from your Saudi mates