US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


There’s been nothing but carnage for how long now? Any hope for peace in the region has to come from Saudi and Israel, but it will take enormous effort and bravery from the Saudis, something I am not sure they are capable of.


Never seen the words Saudi and bravery in the same sentence before.


That’s why I said they are unlikely to be capable of.


You ran away, mate.






Were you that chap in the Dime bar ad shouting “that bloke’s a nutter”, by any chance?


Careful now, don’t confuse @labane1917 and @maroonandwhite, who simultaneously support Saudi Arabia, want to invade them, and want to wipe out Islam in general.


Well, halting your own proxy war in another country would certainly be a brave thing to do.
Think of the paperwork.


Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn lied to the FBI about his contacts with Russia’s ambassador to the US, the special counsel’s office has charged

Flynn will cut a plea deal. What will come out of that :popcorn:


A civil war


Buy shares in popcorn companies, is my advice.


… and if he does, Trump will say “no, I didn’t” and that will be the end of that media frenzy.


Presumably at some stage it’ll come to a head though when Trump is charged by the investigation


Charged with what though is the thing. Manaford had business dealings in the Ukraine and has been done for avoiding taxes. Flynn lied to Pence and the FBI about a conversation he had with the Russian ambassador, which cost him his job and now possibly his freedom. What do you think they have on Trump? The word of a guy who lied to his VP and the FBI and is pleading guilty?


Nothing to see here.





They’ve nothing on Trump. A couple of tidbits to keep the screaming marys like yourself shrieking away. Looks like the tax bill will pass in the midst of all this today, Mitch very bullish.


Best of luck with your move from a trailer park to a cardboard box once the tax changes go through, mate.


:grinning: You’re an unemployed, single, middle aged sad case living with your parents in roasterville… The tax cuts will actually benefit me, funny all the same seeing it drive you nuts though.