US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


Deary me.

Yet again, the only comeback you have is to criticise the source in your own uniquely moronic way.


Come back to me when you’ve dealt with the points made, and perhaps done a little reading outside of your far-right echo chamber.


Merica is one fucked up place.


Fake news, fake comments.

In fairness, it was hard to argue with the passionate arguments of @TrumpFan3628249 and @MAGA6730258.

None of the 27 senators are Republicans, obviously.


Two interesting stories today.

i) Paul Manafort was, as recently as last Thursday, ghostwriting an opinion article praising himself, for a Russian chap with ties to Russian intelligence, who is known to US intelligence.

The article violates his bail agreement, which is now being reviewed. The article was to cover his “political work” in Ukraine, which resulted in the criminal charges he’'s now up on.

How fucking stupid do you have to be to do this and get caught? Just when you think the people caught up in this investigation can’t get any more stupid, they go and do it.

ii) More importantly, it is being widely reported that Trump’s bank records have been subpoenaed by the Mueller investigation.

This would be very significant because Trump has said that Mueller investigating his financial records would be a “red line”. That line looks like it has now been crossed.

Fox News and Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow are denying the story.

But the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, the Financial Times, ABC News are all reporting the story, which originally appeared in the German publication Handelsblatt - Trump banks with Deutsche Bank. One would imagine the different media organisations have all done independent sourcing on this story.

I’ll leave it up to the reader to decide who to believe.

If the story is true, the likelihood of Trump trying to fire Mueller increases significantly.


The only actual news of the day is the growing evidence that the Mueller investigation is hopelessly compromised by political bias. Literally every cunt on the Mueller team are Obama appointees who have a deep hatred for Trump and conservatives in general. One of the team’s senor members was fired this past week for sending anti-Trump emails to a colleague (that he was shagging on the side), but only after Judical Watch forced the release of the emails. The Wall Street journal editorial board have now called for Mueller to step down.


The Quillete article you posted was very interesting, debunking and destroying the Vox shit posted by your man with the hole in his brain. Poor guy has been in meltdown mode again. The scientific findings regarding IQ are uncomfortable reading though and raise pretty thorny issues, not for the feint of heart. The age old nature v nuture dilemma. It’s tremendous having someone around who actually has a clue about science, and of course, US politics. It drives the micks here nuts, who get their news from vox, huff post, teen vogue etc.


Ah bless the poor rednecks couldn’t help themselves.

Dreadfully easy to wind up with reality.

When you live in a bubble it’s a difficult experience when it gets popped, I guess.


@labane1917 and @Enrique, as usual, were conspicuously silent when this organisation dedicated to peddling actual fake news, and which Trump has donated to and linked to intentionally misleading videos of, was mentioned here the other day.

But that’s because, like their hero, they’re pro-fake news posters.


Flailing all over the INTERNET all day, getting your ass handed to you. Poor guy.


Why are you so shit at this, mate?

You’ve had enough practice now, and still, you’re remedial standard.

Just like in real life.

And, as ever, no response to anything on the actual topic, I note.


You wipe a relations bum for a living in real life. Then log on to the internet telling shit jokes and posting about matters you haven’t the first clue about, then go in to meltdown mode when pulled up on being clueless. Rinse, repeat :smiley:


Thanks mate, it’s encouraging to get positive feedback from a fellow free thinker. What really drives the delusional cunts mad is the thought of anyone being actually intelllectual and worse still actually successful.

@sidney will be up all night now furiously searching


See, there you go, proving me absolutely correct in my assertion of you.

Funny you mention the word “bum”, because that’s exactly what you are, and I do indeed wipe you, off the floor.

It’s amazing how reality winds you up so furiously. But very funny.

And still, you can’t post anything on topic.


Deal with the Project Veritas story, please. You haven’t.

No need to provide any more confirmation bias that you’re a thick. We have a whole bookshelf’s worth of that already.


More meltdowns incoming from both @Enrique and @labane1917:sweat_smile:


I posted a response to @labane1917, acknowledging the interesting article he linked, whilst noting the fact it debunked your screaming mary act and the vox link posted. Lolz, I couldn’t care less of your assertion of me - you’re an unhinged weirdo, lacking any real life accomplishments or interesting thoughts, save for ideas you’ve plagiarised from Salon or the Guardian. Owen Jones lite.

Give us a rundown of your day today, mate? :grinning:


Why would I waste my time reading a story directed at halfwits like you? I have never denied there are massive numbers of halfwits on the right, just as on the left. The Republicans take advantage of halfwits on the right and Democrats take advantage of halfwits on the left. The only ones not take in by the bullshit are free thinking libertarians like myself and Enrique.

I have actually personally led the charge here as there is a significant move from “progressive” liberal to libertarian here among the leaders in Silicon Valley. Now if you wish to call that cohort thick by all means further expose your level of abject stupid.


And there’s another meltdown, right on cue.

You were asked to post on topic, mate.

You clearly don’t have the ability to do so.

Seriously, mate, why do I wind you up so much just by being a reality-based poster? :grin:


Reality?! Come on now, you haven’t been there in a while. You lose your shit about Donald Trump on a daily basis, it’s fascinating.

What topic are you asking me to opine on, mate?


And there’s another other meltdown, which took a lot of time to type, and again, right on cue.

The two of you are like a couple of melted down saggy breast implants.

But still unmistakably recognisable as a pair of tits.