US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


CNN are defending him now mate, looks like you picked the wrong side again.


You still haven’t worked out the difference between an opinion column and a media organisation?

I clamped you on this before, you mustn’t remember, or perhaps have deliberately chosen to forget.

There’s only one conclusion a reasonable person can come to about you: lie Trump, you’re desperate to suppress evidence by shitting down an investigation. That’s what Nixon tried to do.

Being desperate to suppress evidence is an admission that you’re shitting it about what that evidence is.

And only a Trump shill behaves in such a manner.


As I have advised you before, if you have any evidence of Trump colluding with Russians to influence the 2016 election, please submit it to Robert Mueller as he can’t seem to unearth any.

CNN, up to now, have only published anti Trump articles including opinion pieces. Publishing an opinion piece critical of the FBI meddling in the election is huge news.

Your support of political corruption by the DNC and their allies in government is fascinating.


Why are you afraid of the evidence?

Please answer.


I’m not, in the slightest. As I’ve consistently said, if Trump or any of his campaign colluded with Russian agents to influence the election, they should be prosecuted and jailed.

My opinion is that there was no collusion, as if there were, we would know about it as the pro DNC elements within the FBI and DOJ would have leaked it. It is far more likely imo that senior FBI agents and possibly DOJ officials will be prosecuted for their attempts to influence an election.

The whole saga isn’t hard to piece together if you take off the blinkers. The key piece of evidence is the comment made in deputy director McCabe’s office that an “insurance policy” was needed to prevent Trump becoming president. I wonder what was meant by an insurance policy?

What do you think was meant by that comment?


So now you’re i) arguing against yourself, and ii) again advancing Fox News conspiracy theories.

Why do you keep showing yourself up like this?

Why do you make yourself so transparent in your dishonesty?


I’m only interested in the truth, mate.
I suggest you try it sometime.
What was meant by an “insurance policy”.
Answer, please.


You’ve no interest in the truth, which is why you’re advancing a conspiracy theory which has been proven to be false.

That’s what people who mare interested in the denial of justice do.

Your tactics are straight from 1930s Europe.

As are your politics, as you have proven time and again.

Was William Joyce a family relation, by any chance?

As a Trump supporter, your’re absolutely shitting it, and you’re right to be.


It’s fascinating watching this meltdown of yours.

The texts betweeen the two FBI lovers are in the public domain.

What was meant by an “insurance policy”, stated in McCabe’s office? If it’s a Fox conspiracy, why are CNN asking the same questions? Why would they publish an article titled “Trump right on FBI”. Are CNN peddling a conspiracy theory now?

Why are you having problems answering a simple question?


You’ve clearly no interest in debating things that are actually relevant.

I’ll leave you to wallow in your drunken Fox News echo chamber with your spunk stained picture of Sean Hannity.


Now, now, a bit early to be giving up your New Years resolution and falling back into your normal potty mouth persona.


Have you called the AA yet?

Remember, you’ve a choice of two to deal with your troubles.


Not in the slightest bit fascinating


Stop egging him on, mate, he’s unwell.


Good god almighty, America



Box office


@labane1917 is he just having the bantz here or what?




There’s a tweet doing the rounds which showed that, from early AM to late PM yesterday, Trump sent 8 or 9 tweets about topics ranging from tax cuts to North Korea to Israel to aviation safety and all tweets came directly after a Fox News segment on the specific tweet topic. :laughing:


Trump might have a much bigger and more powerful nuclear button than Kim Jong Un, but his hands are far too small to actually press it.