US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


Trump is driving lads on here absolutely demented, off their heads, it really is fascinating to watch


Doesn’t matter, mistakes are made, move on. In the real world people get fired when they are no longer useful or become a problem. Bannon may have helped during the campaign, but was far too volatile and controversial for the position he held in the White House.



As opposed to the fruitcake currently driving the bus?


It’s quite amazing how the current generation of surrender monkeys find a strong leader so offensive. I suppose it comes from having useless wankers like Enda Kenny as your leader.


Not sure most people here find him offensive. I dont. I just think hes an absolute head the ball. I dont think he is particularly intelligent and i think he is a dangerous cunt. A very very very odd choice to run the country


Who won the awards ?


That’s next Monday I think


I agree, Trump is a bit of a nutcase.
Other than the snowflakes inside and outside the US though, normal people tend not to get so agitated about his style. They care about the things most normal people care about, how the economy is doing, raising their kids, job opportunities, those type of things.


In his first year what has changed though?


I think @Sidney could win one


What has he done so far that is so dangerous?
Relative to the last two presidents say that started several wars killing millions of people (Bush), and destabilizing the whole ME (Obama).


Clearly you are out of touch with the US economy. Growth which was sub 2% and closer to 1% for many years is now almost at 3% and rising. Small businesses are hiring, lots of companies gave generous holiday bonuses, wages have started to rise. There is a general sense of optimism among people who work for a living. That has to be a good thing right?


The rich are getting richer basically.


Are you a complete simpleton?
Working people mate, normal working people from low to moderate income.


I’d be honoured.

As will whoever wins.


Nothing negative to report, mate?


There’s plenty negative, but overall things are going fairly well.
The biggest negative is the ongoing failure to address the too big to fail financial sector, which almost destroyed the global economy and could well do the same again, or worse. Trump’s biggest failure so far is not reinstating Glass-Steagall which he promised during the campaign.


Your childish inferiority complex about me is tremendously entertaining.

I love the way you’re consciously trying to model yourself on Trump’s daftest and most wound up tweets.

The rest of your post, is yet again, sadly, irrelevant conspiracy theory bluster straight from the Hannity show.

Now, here’s an actual relevant question.

Why won’t Chuck Grassley release the transcripts of the Fusion testimony from the House Judiciary Committee?

He specifically said he would, remember.

Now he won’t.

Please answer.


Your cognitive dissonance is kicking in again.

You say Trump is a nutcase, yet you ever more furiously defend him any time anything is posted here that shows him up in a negative light - the tone of absolute rage in your posts that anybody would even dare question anything about him is notable.

Furiously defending a nutcase makes one an even bigger nutcase.

I mean, at least he’s trying to hang onto being president and trying to save himself from being exposed as a criminal. What’s in it for you?


Well done Obama.