US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


Nothing to do with Obama, the Obama administration were anti-business like yourself.


The only nutcase in these parts is your good self mate, as has been evidenced over and over.


Only very weak people find wannabe dictators to their liking.

It says a lot about your state of mind that you’ve gone all in on the Trump worship.


It’s all to do with Obama - the US economy has been on the rise for the last 7 years.

Trump has done nothing to improve the US economy and there are no new trends there now that weren’t there under Obama.


I am in favor of all information regarding the Trump dossier being released, in particular the internal FBI and DOJ communications that led to the securing of wiretaps the Trump campaign (on the second attempt).

Please answer the question I posed several days ago which you have ignored.

What did senior FBI agent Strzok mean when he talked about an “insurance policy” being needed in the event of Trump being elected? In the office of the FBI deputy director no less.


What the absolute fuck would you know about the US economy or any economy for that matter?


Gas cunt you are.

You’re the Copy & Paste know it all of the forum. :smile:


Please back up your assertion with specifics.

I’ll back up my assertion that you’re the weirdest, saddest cunt I’ve ever read on this forum with the following.

All these are true. One of them in isolation would make you a raving lunatic. 13 is just scary. And there are way more from where these came from.

i) Constant angry defences of Trump for two years now.
ii) Utter refusal to accept that Trump has any nefarious connections to Russia whatsoever.
iii) Blind and consistent belief in whatever Fox News put out in the way of conspiracy theory.
iv) You fully accept every narrative Trump spins.
v) You see no problem with goading a nuclear power to launch a nuclear attack on the US.
vi) You approve of a US president launching a sustained and concerted attack on the judiciary for his own benefit.
vii) You approve of a US president launching a sustained and concerted attack on the press for his own benefit.
viii) You approve of a US president launching a sustained and concerted attack on the FBI for his own benefit.
ix) You believe poor people are more likely to be healthy than rich people.
x) You see no problem with the US pulling out of the Paris climate accord.
xi) You approve of a tax scam to drastically redistribute wealth towards the top 1%.
xii) You consider Trump “a strong leader”.
xiii) Your incredibly childish writing style.

There’s 13, straight off the bat.


A lot more than you, clearly.

As does my cat.



The Copy & Paste moron who worships the Copy & Paste president.

They’re a perfect match.


The fact you think I copy and paste confirms you are a complete simpleton.


Cat got your tongue on the Bannon remarks, @labane1917?

Money laundering, eh?

Who’d have guessed?

Oh, everybody. And not much guesswork involved.


Your angry reaction confirms you do.


No mate, that would be you. Except you’re the weirdest, saddest cunt I’ve ever read on any forum and that’s quite the award.


Why do you keep copying and pasting my posts to use in your reply?

I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that, but really, mate, can you not think of anything else to come back with or have I got to you that much?

I’m honoured that you think of me like that, by the way. The day you don’t is the day I get worried, so please carry on.


Mate, you don’t get to me in the slightest. Unlike you I don’t have all day and night for googling, copying and posting, as I have a job and a family to occupy my time. Most of the time I ignore your delusional ramblings, but occasionally I step in to correct you. It’s not for your benefit, as you are clearly beyond redemption, but for the benefit of those who may have an interest in learning about the US from someone who actually lives there.

My record speaks for itself, right on Trump winning the Republican nomination, right on Trump winning the presidency, right on Brexit, right on the recent Alabama senate race.

You on the other hand, wrong, wrong, wrong and more wrong. A bit like your predictions of Liverpool winning the EPL every season.


Yes I do.

You watch Fox News all day.

You clearly don’t work. You spend a lot more time posting on here than I do. Which, given that copying and pasting appears the limit of your ability, is rather sad.

You family? Oh, you mean your racist son?

People are learning a lot about the US from your posts. We’re learning that the type of people who vote Trump and vote Republican are complete fruitcakes.

You didn’t predict any of those things. You predicted Clinton to win. you predicted Brexit to lose, you didn’t predict Trump to win the nomination, whereas I was considerably ahead of you by predicting he had it in the bag.

Your record is to support every batshit political cause going.

Trump, Brexit, Britain First, Le Pen.

Now that’s wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

Liverpool have the league sewn up this year, pal. And we’ll win the European Cup. Enjoy the rugby from Old Trafford.


This has been your blind belief for the last year about Trump and Russia, despite all reality suggesting there was and is.

And you’re calling others “naive”. :laughing:

It’s so touching.

Child-like, almost.


Bannon is a very unwise choice of enemy by Trump.

Wonderful to see the far right at each others throats.



Any comment on the millions of fake comments made on the public record in support of the abolition of both net neutrality and Obama’s fiduciary rule, which necessitates investment advisers to act in the best interests of their clients?

Are these comments fake, or “fake news”? And if they’re fake, who’s making them?

The Russians presumably wouldn’t have anything to do with it, now, would they? And presumably Trump has nothing to do with it either? :grin:

And why would would these rules need to be abolished, given that they so clearly benefit the public? Because fat cat corporates stand to benefit? And because Obama brought them in, eh?