US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


That makes two of them. Or three, if you include @labane1917, maybe four or five if you include his split personalities.


The military industrial complex.


Some tremendous stuff in this article. I particularly liked the quoted bit but it’s all good. Trump’s spokesman quit because he believed Trump had obstructed justice.


Donald Trump Junior’s Twitter timeline is a fucking car crash right now.

Stab, stab, stab!


In July 2016, the US killed 312 civilians in Iraq and Syria, the bloodiest single month under Obama. Utterly sickening stuff.

In March 2017, under the Trump regime, the US killed 1,881 civilian in Iraq and Syria.

In August 2017, the US killed 1,060 civilians in Iraq and Syria, compared to 138 in August 2016.

How many levels beyond utterly sickening is that?

But…ehhh…Hillary…or something.


Holy shit. Source?


You really are a dope, did you actually go to university, or is that made up like all your other bullshit?

Under the Obama administration, the US military claimed there were essentially no civilian casualties in Iraq and Syria. In the 15 month period up to November 2015, in 8,300 US airstrikes that killed 20,000 ISIS fighters, the military claimed that there were only two instances where there “may” have been civilian deaths. Reporting of civilian deaths in 2014-16 is absolute bullshit.

There is no question there are far more overall deaths in Iraq and Syria this year, as ISIS are being destroyed, and have retreated to cities where they are being decimated. In war, you either fight to win or not, collateral damage is inevitable. Although I never supported the Iraq war, I do not believe the US military deliberately targets civilians.

You had no problem with civilian deaths when the RA were slaughtering civilians on your own island, in many cases deliberately, you scumbag.



Yes, I think it’s obvious to everybody that I did, while I’m doubtful if you even have a primary education, never mind a secondary one, given your complete gullibillity on pretty much every subject.

Nobody is interested in anything other than what the actual statistics under Obama were.

As you admit, they are a long way short of the amount of civilians Trump is killing, which is all that matters.

Given your hatred of Muslims and your previously stated wish to ban the religion, any reasonable person should take any claim you make not to have supported the Iraq War or indeed killing Muslim civilians with a large pinch of salt, around the same measure of it as one would about Trump’s “denials” that he was against that Iraq War that he supported.

Please provide evidence for your obviously mendacious lie that I supported civilian deaths. You’ll be looking a while.

You, on the other hand have stated your actual support for ethnic cleansing on the island of Ireland, and equate the ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Palestinians to simple “migration”.

Strange that, because you have a cult-like devotion to a US president who retweets Britain First, so one would have assumed that your sympathies as regards Irish politics lie firmly on the Loyalist side.

Or are you getting confused again?


Trump conveniently burying this one under the shitstorm Bannon has unleashed on him.

Laughably, he released this statement:

“Substantial evidence” = no evidence whatsoever.

Unless it means Russia interfering on his behalf, eh?..

Russia would never tamper with elections, of course, I mean it’s not like Putin does it at home…


Calling again for opponents to be jailed yesterday. When you behave like Nazi Germany, don’t complain when you get compared to Nazi Germany.

But @labane1917 thinks this sort of stuff is just fine. If he didn’t, he’d be posting about it.


That swamp just got swampier.


Once again, you are exposing yourself as a clown.

Anyone at a lower level of government who handled classified information in the manner Huma Abedin did, would be prosecuted and go to jail. There are several cases where this has happened, the DOJ has had no problem jailing low ranking govt employees. The same laws should apply regardless of what level of government you serve in, unless you believe higher ranking officials should be above the law.


A politician calling publicly for a political opponent to be jailed is straight from 1930s Germany.

How telling that you’re not just fine with it, but actively approve of it.

Of course we already knew that from your support for far right parties in Europe. Who you probably think are “centrist”.

This is the place for you, mate. It’s full of far right conspiracy nonsense and fascist, racist rhetoric which will make you feel right at home.


It’s obvious to everyone that you are an idiot.

The statistics under Obama were lies, civilian deaths were not reported or grossly under reported, deliberately. Obama chose to run away from Iraq and created the vacuum that ISIS moved into, compare the geography ISIS controlled when Obama took power versus now. The current administration is trying to wipe out ISIS and appear to be succeeding, but of course you would prefer ISIS to win and continue their terror in the west.

Thanks for confirming you are a pretend Republican like the other idiots on here. Let me guess, you supported the RA when they killed military targets, but didn’t support them when civilians were killed. How twee.


Huma Abedin has been out of government since 2013 you dope, so she is not a political opponent. While she was employed by the US government she committed actions that would get you or I locked up if we worked for the US government. Why should she be immune from prosecution?

By your logic the Democrats should not be calling for Trump or his associates to be held accountable for their (evidence free) supposed actions. Democrats have called for Michael Flynn to be jailed, what’s the fucking difference you clown.


Trump is continuing with exactly the same plan as Obama for the Middle East.

He’s just killing way more civilians.

Muslim civilians, who you love to see killed, because you hate Muslims and spend most of your time on here vilifying them.

Yes, in a war, I have a problem with civilians being killed.

You don’t.

By the way, twee is a word that is applied to cickbait news stories and irrelevant nonsense. Only a moron such as yourself with no concept of the value of human life would use it about war.


Yes she is. Hillary Clinton hasn’t been in government since 2013 - presumably you think she’s not a political opponent either.

Innocent people are generally immune from prosecution.

That’s what you’re doing.

Nobody has to call for Flynn to go to jail. Flynn will be going to jail, he’s been indicted - not for very long, mind, because a plea bargain and co-operation means he’s singing like a canary about those above him - and as you may know, there weren’t many above him.


You are a complete clown, please read some sources other than the nonsense you are reading. Obama pulled almost all the US military out of Iraq and allows the creation of ISIS which spread into Syria and elsewhere. He and his idiot Secretary of State turned their attention to other countries like Libya and Syria and completely destabilized the whole region. The current administration has refocused on wiping out ISIS which anyone with any decency would welcome.

I don’t hate Muslims, I hate Islamic ideology. It’s astounding that a supposed educated person cannot tell the difference, which I guess confirms that you are uneducated. Here, I’ll make it simple for you. I don’t even hate you, even though you are the most worthy of hate I have encountered online. I do hate your ideology though, as despite your incessant babbling about Nazis, the ideology you fervently support has resulted in hundreds of millions of civilian deaths.

I used twee to describe you specifically, a precious useless cunt.


So, you’re saying Huma Abedin is innocent? On what basis? Regardless of intent, grossly negligent handing of classified information is a crime under US law. Think about what you are saying. Low level military personnel have been prosecuted and jailed for mistakenly carrying classified information in their luggage, for example. Why should she get a pass for something far more serious?