US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


Thanks a lot Obama


Gas cunts.


Sure even Obama wouldn’t win an argument on this thread.


This Michael Wolff chap. Do we know what sort of a chap he is, at all. Is he a reputable sort?


The FBI found her innocent.

Not guilty = innocent.

Yet again you decide to run with a fake narrative pushed by a president who admits he wants to jail innocent political opponents without due process, as do you.

You are the Goebbels of this forum.

You’ve remained strangely silent on all the shit about Trump that came out yesterday and over Christmas. I guess Fox didn’t cover any of that.



Not guilty doesn’t mean innocent mate.


It does mean that.

If it didn’t, it would mean guilty.


White House staff to be banned from using mobile phones due to continual leaking.


No it wouldn’t. Not guilty means that the prosecution has not proved the defendant guilty of crime, it doesn’t mean they are innocent of the crime.


You can only be guilty or innocent.

Have you ever heard of innocent until proven guilty?

There is no such a thing as not not guilty.


Is this the there’s no smoke without fire school of law?


OJ Simpson?


He was found not guilty of murder, which means he is innocent of this in the eyes of the law.

Your own views are irrelevant.


You can be not guilty by reason of insanity, which means you are neither guilty nor innocent.


Doesn’t mean he was innocent though, the civil trial said he did it. That’s not my opinion.


Perhaps that’s something Mr. Trump might look at pleading?


He was not found guilty by the civil trial.



I’m familiar with the civil trial. Simpson was not found guilty.