US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


No fear of cock dominating any recent democrat oval offices.


I don’t have a kettle in my bedroom, mate. Or pot.

But speaking of pot…

Whatever happened to “states’ rights”?


It’s gas watching the snowflakes & anti-trump brigade re-tweeting and sharing every spoofed supposed extract from the new Trump book.

The poster boy of the snowflakes BlindBoyBoatClub the latest to be sharing FAKE NEWS.


President Trump has actually destroyed some peoples lives on the INTERNET, its absolutely fascinating to watch


Idiots calling President Trump an idiot after they fell for this:


How do I subscribe to this Gorilla Channel?


It’s genuinely fascinating to watch. I posted before about my bewilderment at the halfwits who spend around an hour or so every week replying to Trump’s tweets. Well done. You’re really showing him, lads. This image was doing the rounds on Twitter the other day:

It prompted a load of these types to announce that they weren’t going to engage with his tweets any more. What a stunning revelation though! Trump uses tweets to divert attention from real issues. No fucking way!

Of course, the same mix of snowflakes and tough talking, no nonsense social media heavy hitters were back replying to his tweets a day later.





You’re more handsome and more athletic looking than I imagined, mate.


That’s a few years ago, you should see me now that weed has been legalized.


@Tassotti is actually the US president.



I’ve been sent a PDF of the book if anyone wants


I’ll take a peek, pal.


Classic, President Trump not even trying to hide trolling @Sidney panty wetter types, who are frothing at the mouth with these tweets. What a joker.
Fate is a cruel, cruel mistress. Someone as stoopid as the Don, now the most powerful man in the world and someone as smart as @Sidney, wiping bums in some hovel in the West of Ireland, hanging on said President’s every utterance. It’s a funny one, ehh.


Somebody WhatsApped me the pdf of that book along with some silly story about a gorilla tv channel,
Is this doing the rounds, I thought that book wasn’t being released for a few days?


As your parents found out when you were born.


Erm, yeah, go on then. Ta :+1:


What’s the author’s background? Is he credible?