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You are confusing the terms immigration and migration. Immigration refers to an individual or family, migration refers to movement of larger populations.
I am from Ireland and speak English because of the conquest of Ireland (migration, specifically invasion) and prohibition of the native Irish language. I can’t speak for you, perhaps your ancestors were part of the invasion?


I’m not confusing any terms here - you are.

I don’t have any intention of explaining stuff to you.

While you might speak English, you only speak it at the level of the average simpleton from the backward shithole you come from, which is a very low level.


What a cunt, a nominee for COTY?

Not a racist though as calling a place a shithole is not the same as calling people who come from there derogatory names. Mexico is a shithole (although it has some lovely all inclusive resorts), but some of the finest people I have met are from there. I am sure the same is true of Rathkeale and Askeaton.

It’s stunning how lacking in logic people are, social media has dumbed down a whole generation.


Resorting to personal abuse is admitting defeat.
It only took four posts to expose you once again.


You appear to be one of these language literalists who refuse to see beyond bare words and refuse to examine what is actually meant by them.

When I say I’m pulling your leg, it doesn’t mean I’m literally pulling your leg.


Nice of you to admit that your whole time on this forum has been a failure, so.

I wasn’t personally abusing you, by the way, I was aiming abuse at the place you come from, which is a different thing entirely.


You’ve just exposed yourself as a racist by your own logic, well done :clap:


What place would that be?


You’ve just exposed yourself as a racist, yet again, pal.

Rural Galway is a part of Ireland, much as you might want to deny it.

Why are you now denying the people of your home place their very nationality?

That’s the mentality of the coloniser.


What makes you think I’m from rural Ireland?


The name @labane1917 is a bit of a giveaway.

Or are you just pretending to be from Galway?


Does the name @Sid_Waddell mean you are the dead sports broadcaster?


This fucking gas. Unrale revelations today regarding Noirin O’SULLIVAN and Francis Fitzgerald.
What’s the headline on Rte news. "Trump calls Hati a
shit hole " Is it any worder he has half the world tied up in a heap, when they hang off every word he utters to the detriment of their own domestic goings on. They just feed him oxygen. This is page 5 news at best.


By your logic it would, obviously.

I tend to take people at face value when they name themselves after an obscure rural Irish place and then spend three years actually claiming to be from that area.

So, are you a pretend Labanian, a pretend Galwegian and a pretend Irishman, or what?

How do we even know you’re a man? Much of your posting would indicate you haven’t yet reached that stage of life.


No, it’s page one news.

A US president calling other countries “shitholes” (assuming he said it), regardless of the fact they may be shitholes, is unbecoming of the office he holds. But that’s the nature of the man, he says what he thinks, and doesn’t try and sugarcoat it.

What’s lost of course is the actual debate on immigration, which is important.


You take people at face value on a forum where many posters claim to be Italian?
What a strange and naive individual you are.


You’ve just taken me at face value to be the late Sid Waddell, despite the fact that Sid passed away in 2012.

You appear to now be admitting you’re only pretending to be from Labane, Galway, Ireland which is very funny as you’ve been claiming to be from there for the entire time you’ve been on this forum.


We can add rhetorical question to the list of concepts you are unfamiliar with.
Are you sure English is your first language?


I’m very familiar with the rhetorical question, which is why I can spot people like you who pretend to be but aren’t a mile away.