US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


You’re obviously not. Read my original post again, do you think I believe you are the late sports broadcaster Sid Waddell? Hint, it wasn’t asking for an answer, it was making a point. One that seems to have flown over your head, once again.


The only time you’ve flown over my head is on the happy occasions when your plane leaves Ireland, mate.

You believe all sorts of crazy shit, so I’m not surprised you believe I’m a dead man.

Sure you already believe millions of dead people vote and send in comments for the public record over net neutrality and the fiduciary rule in the US.

It’s a common mistake Trump supporters make, don’t worry about it, you’re just suffering from an overdose of Kool Aid.

Now, are you from Labane, Galway, Ireland, or are you not?

It should be an easy question to answer but you haven’t managed it so far. This is not a rhetorical question, by the way.


This could be an unbelievable bit of free advertising for WWN.


We can now add aviation to the list of topics you are ignorant of. Flights from Ireland to the US west coast, where I actually live and not pretend live, fly over Donegal or NI. Unless of course you live in that area and are pretending to live in Galway.

I have to run now, but in your copious free time please search my 8,900 posts and find where I claimed to be from Labane, Galway.


Not all of Hollywood thinks Ireland is a shithole. @croppy_boy getting serious praise here.




The Catholic church killed Irish in this country, mate.


The direct provision centers are doing the same to the new Irish.


I don’t get it?


They certainly helped, but the Catholic church have always supported those in power, no matter how oppressive the power structure. They cunts were quick enough to change sides after 1921.


Damn straight… They longed for a bit of middle England… They literally rode the poor as revenge post 1922.


Sexual, physical and mental abuse is rampant in those centers by all accounts, they are also supposedly being looked after by the state.


Nebraska isn’t on the west coast of the US, mate,

Why have you been pretending to be from Galway for three years?

Why indulge in this Walter Mitty-esque delusion, Walter?

If you don’t mind me calling you Walter?


I implore @Sidney and @labane1917 to step back from this latest bore off. Take inspiration from John O’Dowd’s and Edwin Poots’ example on BBC1 NI last night.


Pootsie has serious questions to answer here, mate.


Funnily enough Nebraska is one of the few US states I haven’t been to. As corny is your forte you would probably be right at home there.

I am from Galway, mate.


That’s some lovely genetically modified corn you’ve produced there, mate.

This is some textbook reverse backtracking from you

First you were from Galway, then you weren’t, now you are.

You must get terribly confused.

Can you give us a heads up when you decide to reverse reverse backtrack?


Holy shit. :joy:


I have always been from Galway mate.
Unlike you, who escaped the shithole of Ireland to settle there.


You’ve demonstrated clearly that not only do you not know where you come from, you don’t know where you live, never mind knowing where I come from and/or live.

You should get checked out for early onset dementia.