US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


The whiff of utter bullshit from every utterance of the Trump regime makes the whiff of bullshit from the Gardai over the Maurice McCabe case seem like perfume.




Great interview with PIers Morgan, Morgan couldn’t lay on glove on President Trump


And the great man even left with an Arsenal jersey.


Devin Nunes has shared his “top secret” classified memo with Trump - that’s the same one Trump told him to write.

Here it is.


The memo has been declassified and released, here are the key points as being reported by the Washington Examiner’s Bryon York.

  1. The Russian dossier (paid for by the DNC), according to deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, was the basis for seeking a FISA order to spy on the Trump campaign. Accdording to McCabe, no FISA warrant would have been sought without the dossier.
  2. Senior FBI and DOJ officials knew the dossier was a political propaganda piece but did not disclose this to the court when seeking the warrant.
  3. According to DOJ official Bruce Orr, Richard Steele the author of the dossier, was passionate about Trump not being elected. This information was relayed to senior DOJ officials.

It’s no wonder the FBI, DOJ, Democrats and most of the media have been fighting for months to stop this information being released.

We have met the enemy, and he is us.


Ah yes, the “memo” from Mr. Nunes, the man who previously claimed he was informing the White House of evidence of a made up conspiracy which the White House themselves had made up, and had to recuse himself from the House Russia investigation as a result, which he then didn’t do.

Shouldn’t you hitch your wagon to somebody more credible, like Alex Jones or Ronald McDonald?


Why did the FBI and DOJ refuse to hand over the information the memo is based on to congress for months, and only did so when they were threatened with contempt of congress?

As always, you got it wrong, sad Sid.


Why has the head of the FBI, only in office a matter of months, appointed by Trump himself, said that the memo is factually inaccurate, misleading and reckless?

Why did Nunes and his cronies vote not to release Adam Schiff’s memo?

What sort of credibility has Devin Nunes?

Was Carter Page a Russian asset?

And for how long?

Why is Trump conducting a transparent campaign to try and destroy the Mueller investigation?

Why is Trump conducting a transparent campaign to try and fire Rod Rosenstein?

Are you a bot?

These are all easy questions to answer. I doubt you’ll answer them though.

As everybody who follows this knows, the “memo” is a transparently bogus piece of nothing, like every other pathetic attempt by Republicans to distract from the real story - that of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.


Here’s a real story. Mueller is getting former Trumpbots to sing like canaries.

None other than Judge Napolitano was on Fox last night saying that “this opens up a whole new tenor into the investigation. It’s not good for Trump.”


There was collusion all right, collusion between the DNC and senior members of the FBI and DOJ who were desperate to subvert democracy to try and prevent Trump being elected.

It’s unsurprising that a communist wouldn’t find such activities by government officials troubling.


You’re just trolling now.


Why do you care do much? Serious question by the way.


I mean, why on earth would anybody be interested in being informed about how the government of the most powerful country in the world has fallen under the spell of a hostile power?

That’s a rhetorical question.

Why would you care about me being interested in it?

That’s a much, much less interesting question to know the answer to, so don’t bother answering.


For once I actually agree with you. Only a complete idiot would believe that Russia or Russian agents have the ability to influence the outcome of a US presidential election. The FBI/DOJ clearly have that power and used it to try and influence the outcome of the 2016 election. If you don’t believe that’s possible then you are more naive than I thought.

The FBI are the organization don’t forget that were led by a cross dressing lunatic who blackmailed his perceived political opponents.


That’s lame, even for you.

Why did three Russian spy chiefs, two of whom are under sanction by the US and the EU, visit the US recently?

Why did Trump then refuse to implement sanctions against Russia as voted for by Congress?

Why has even the head of the CIA just warned about Russia influencing the 2018 elections in the same way it did in 2016?

Can you give me a link to any Trump statement, anything at all, that criticises Russia in a meaningful way, or any way at all?

Why have Trump staffers continually lied at every turn about their contacts with Russia?

Why has John McCain just released this?

It’s very clear who is naive here, and extremely naive at that.


John McCain :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Trump is a genius. He’s taking all these assholes to school


DNC are being exposed big time


Everything OK, botboy?

You seem to be taking the complete absence of anything interesting in this “bombshell” very badly.

Worst “bombshell” ever.

Well at least since all of your previous ones, all of which fell flat on their face and turned out to be full of shit - very like yourself, actually. :grin:

Can you give the forum a primer on what sort of “credibility” Devin Nunes has, by the way?

You didn’t answer any of the questions, so I’ll be kind and see if you can manage to answer just one.