US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


The real question here is why is the paedophilia ring inherent in the DNC not being exposed and we are concentrating on some made up enemy like the red bear of Russia.


The INTERNET never forgets.


I’ve already outlined what is troubling in the information finally released today. Confirmation of what I have been saying for many months and you have been scoffing at.

Name calling just exposes you as the bluffer you are. It’s no wonder your crap never got published, what a waste of the money the state invested in your education.

In a two party system you appear to have no problem with the party in power using the apparatus of the state to seek a court ruling to spy on the opposition. Using unverified information to do so that was paid for by the party, collected from unnamed Russian sources by someone who stated his bias against the opposition party.

This is the kind of thing that happens in communist totalitarian regimes, which of course is why you support it.


There’s no confirmation of anything.

Nunes didn’t even write the “memo”.

His staff did.

So, you’re saying that a “memo” written on second hand information for partisan purposes by staffers of a person who has zero credibility due to their proven record of colluding with Trump to invent false scandals (which you fell hook, line and sinker for like a good little puppy) is proof of “something”, what that is, you don’t know, but, hey, if it feels good, I guess you can convince yourself that something is true, even if you don’t know what it is.

You’re some dotard.


You are the one who said “the memo from Mr. Nunes”.

The memo is based on the information provided to congress by the FBI and DOJ (only provided after the threat of a contempt of congress charge) in written form and in interviews. I am fully in support of releasing all the documents that were released and the testimony of the various officials who spoke to the congressional committee. If Democrats believe the information in the memo is false, then I look forward to their rebuttal.

You are the dullard here, consistently wrong on every issue.


What credibility does Devin Nunes have? You still haven’t answered.

Remember, you invested serious credibility in him last year before it was proven that he has colluding with Trump to make up false scandals.

And with that, your last fling at salvaging any credibility disappeared.

You still can’t even say what’s in this “memo” that’s untoward.

But hey, Trump says he wants to fire Rosenstein off the back off it, so it must be good, eh?!

It’s all very Manchurian Candidate. “Memo” is Trump’s equivalent of “solitaire”.


Why would I be concerned about salvaging credibility from a useless failed journalist? You have such a high opinion of yourself, based on a sum total of nothing.

Opposition research is conducted all the time by all political parties. By it’s very nature it is politically motivated and biased. Only an idiot would regard it as credible.

Steele, who compiled the unverified dossier from unnamed Russian agents, relayed to an DOJ official he was “desperate that Trump not be elected”, this was testified to congress by the official in question (Orr). Senior FBI and DOJ officials were well aware of who Steele was, his motives, and who was paying him (the DNC).

McCabe, the FBI deputy director, testified to congress that the Steele dossier was the source of the request to a FISA court to wiretap the Trump campaign, and that the warrant would not have been sought without the dossier. The DOJ failed to disclose that the dossier was paid for by the DNC to the FISA court when they requested the warrants.

The lead FBI investigator in the Clinton email investigation (Strzok) in a text to his mistress referenced a meeting with McCabe to discuss an “insurance policy” against Trump’s election.

I know you’re a stupid cunt but these are not hard dots to join. Why do you think McCabe was walked out the door this past week?


You’re a lot more than interested… it’s fascinating to watch but at the same time has made this thread unreadable.


You’re obviously very concerned, given the laughable lengths you go to try and assert “credibility”, when you know you have nothing of the sort and neither the intellect nor the knowledge to construct any sort of coherent argument.

Everybody with a brain can see you for what you are - a far right, thick as a plank Trump shill who is singularly unable to decipher fact from fiction.

The Steele dossier was not commissioned by Democrats, you dope. It was commissioned by Republicans. Of course you won’t have been aware of this.

Despite your protestations, it has borne out very well.

Just this week, large parts of it were independently verified by a new document.

Says who? Nunes? The idiot with zero credibility who has a record of colluding with Trump to concoct fake scandals and had to recuse himself from his own investigation as a result of his lies and incompetence?

Adam Schiff has written a ten page memo that heavily disputes that. And being familiar with the modus operandi of both Nunes and Schiff, it’s a very easy decision as to who to believe on that.

Trump will of course, refuse point blank to release that memo, because it would utterly demolish the Nunes one.

Carter Page didn’t work for the Trump campaign from September 2016 and he was only the subject of a FISA warrant from October 2016.

You can’t wiretap a campaign by wiretapping somebody who doesn’t work for it.

Page has been on the FBI’s radar since 2013, when he was cultivated by a Russian spy ring… In July 2016 he made a speech in Russia which was fevently pro-Russian and castigated the US. He has a litany of contacts to Russia. The Trump campaign tried disavow him in September 2016 when this got out and from then on he no longer worked for them. But apparently you don’t think this is the type of person who should be under surveillance.

So there were copious reasons as to why he would be under surveillance.

And if the FBI used parts of the Steele dossier to put him under surveillance - so fucking what?

It’s perfectly legitimate to use credible evidence, which the Steele dossier was, to put people under surveillance. A FISA court granted a warrant and renewed multiple times for good reasons.

The real question is, why did the Trump campaign think this was somebody who should be working for them in the first place?

This “conspiracy” nonsense was debunked long ago. Yet you’re still pushing it, because you have fuck all else except Fox News conspiracy bullshit.

Strzok was so pro-Clinton that he co-wrote the letter that re-opened the investigation against her in October 2016! Which produced nothing.

Here’s some easy dots for you to join, seeing as you’ve proven you’re incapable of joining any remotely complicated ones.

Trump is in deep shit over both obstruction of justice, money laundering and collusion.

Mueller is getting very close to finding the bodies.

Trump is desperate to shut down the investigation. He’s tried to fire Mueller already and been refused by his own lawyer who knew full well that Trump had corrupt intent.

He’s asked for “loyalty” from Comey, tried to get Comey to drop the investigation into Flynn, asked McCabe straight out who he voted for (the answer was nobody) and asked Rosenstein “are you on my team”?

Because he can’t find an easy way to fire Mueller or fire Rosenstein, he manufactures fake talking points using his pet poodle Nunes, who no doubt is up to his neck in shit himself, and his pet poodles at Fox, in an attempt to discredit the FBI and the Justice department in the eyes of his own supporters.

That’s what dictators do.

And you buy it, because you’re a kool-aid drinking fucking moron.

Fortunately, very few others are and the reaction to this nonsense in the US has been a complete damp squib. It undoubtedly hurts you a lot to see something you had such high hopes for fall flat on its face.


Come back when you have something to contribute to the thread.

I won’t hold my breath.


Cody Shearer now :joy::joy::joy:

Close ties with the Clintons for decades and self proclaimed intelligence expert who has no acfual intelligence experience? He did however provide Clinton with “intelligence” on Libya when she was Secretary of State, we know how well that ended. Do some research on him, the guy is an idiot, which undoubtedly is why he appeals to you, a fellow idiot.

Nobody takes your horseshit seriously Sid, stop bigging yourself up, it’s embarrassing.


I get the distinct impression that you were trembling at the knees while you wrote that.

You’ve been rumbled as the bluffer you are, mate. Give it up.

Although maybe, before you do that, you could get back to me on some of the questions I asked you earlier, particularly the one about Nunes’s credibility, or more pertinently, his complete and utter lack of credibility.

I hate to dismiss sources as I associate that with your piss poor debating style, but I dismiss them when there is a genuine reason to, such as them having an actual proven record of lies and collusion in order to manufacture fake scandals. This guy is the Alex Jones of US politics.

Who you have, touchingly, placed your entire trust in.

That’s why I dismiss a source. You dismiss a source when it doesn’t fit with your agenda.


You just claimed Cody fucking Shearer as a source, you absolute flute.

Anyway, it’s super bowl weekend, I need to get started on the pre festivities. Enjoy your weekend of googling and getting in touch with what the American public think.



Nunes has admitted he didn’t even read the FISA application that the memo is about. :laughing:

You’ve been duped again, @labane1917 :laughing:

Can I sell you a used car? Just sent you a PM there about it. :grin:


This used to be a grand thread.


This “fake scandal” very much brings to mind this.

It’s a very accurate description of where @labane1917’s shilling for Trump has reached.


Go away out of that ya sad fuck. :grin: Instead of putting all your time and effort in to railing against trump on here why don’t you maybe go and try get a life for yourself. This could be a decent thread but yourself and labane have it utterly destroyed bickering with one another. At least he allegedly lives in the states. Whats your excuse?


Weren’t you told to come back when you had something to contribute to the thread?

Why didn’t you take that advice?

Because you clearly have nothing to contribute.

Posting on a thread where you have nothing of interest to say is the mark of a fool.

We already have one of those on this thread in @Enrique, so that niche is already covered.


Trump is a genius, can see him walking into his second term.

The liberals can’t lay a glove on him, and they’ve tried everything.


Ah here take a good look at yourself. It’s 1am on a Friday night and you are on here posting a load of regurgitated shite about American politics as if you are some kind of authority. :joy: A country you have never even set foot in. I spend a good bit of time in the states and know plenty of democrats and none of them are anywhere near as worked up about Trump as you are. Go away like a good lad and do a bit of self reflection and maybe you will see that you’re coming across as an obsessed loon on this thread. It’s pretty much unreadable at this point.