US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


thats not how it works in america mate.
the parties have no control over who runs in their primaries.
in fact the congressman that currently holds that congressional seat opposes abortion, voted against the affordable care act, supports a border wall and hails ronald reagan as one of his political heroes… and he’s a democrat
david duke ran as a democrat for several offices. the woman who was the county clerk in kentucky who refused to issue licences to gay people a couple of years ago was a democrat
anyone can run, and even be elected, as a member of any party
funny auld system they have


Duke left the Democratic party 30 years ago and is a Republican.

A Nazi running for the Republicans is the entirely natural outcome of this regime’s policies and rhetoric.


You’re conversing with a mentally challenged individual here. Clueless.


I don’t think he was conversing with you, mate.


Snowflakes are really reaching when ex wives of associates are being wheeled out as validation of Trumps unsuitability.
He must be doing something right is all I can say.


This Dow Jones chap has made another mistake.

He’s lost over 1,000 points in a day.

Obama’s fault, I bet.


This Rob Porter chap didn’t have permanent security clearance due to the FBI knowing about the wife-beating allegations against him. Yet he was working in a job in which approximately 20% of the information would have handled is classified. Dear oh dear.

John Kelly looks like he might be sacked as he knew for yonks about the allegations and sat on them.

It really is rather far fetched to believe Trump didn’t know too, and for a long time. The buck stops with the boss. Everything in Trump’s behavioural history says he would have considered a key staffer being a serial wife beater as something to be proud of, not something to be ashamed of.

If Kelly is sacked, he’ll just be a convenient fall guy.

What a shit show #349427.


Former Trump staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman on the Trump car crash:

“No, it’s gonna not be OK.”


Trump tweets are like Simpsons lines. There really is an old tweet for every possible story.

Well, I guess he shouldn’t have appointed one in Rob Porter in the first place, then.

I love how in a tweet where he was “virtue signalling” (cc: @labane1917) about his supposed concern for women, he still managed to blame the woman.

I wonder will he tell his communications director Hope Hicks that she has a death wish? She’s dating Rob Porter and drafted a statement defending him as “man of true integrity and honour”.

Oh, actually, I see he’s blaming her.




Trump won’t approve the release of the Democratic memo.

So predictable, and so much for “transparency”.

He’s so afraid.


Trump regime speechwriter David Sorenson has resigned after being accused of domestic abuse.

They should put up a sign outside the White House with the number of hours since the last resignation or sacking. They’d be doing well to get into double figures at this rate.


Crooked Hilary and her buddies in the FBI up to their neck in it


Another resignation.


Not alone was the dossier funded by the DNC, it was written by them as well.

You would want to be a particularly stupid cunt to buy into this collusion story.


Did you read this on the Daily Stormer, mate?


Who first funded the dossier?


Jeb Bush I believe? Truly adds to its credibility.


Jebs a member of the DNC now is he?


Trump’s a Democrat too, at least according to @labane1917.

We obviously didn’t get the memo.

Oh, speaking of memos, Lord Haw Haw has been very quiet on that for the last week.