US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


No, it just confirms that it was always a political play, whether during the Republican primaries or the general election. Nothing in it has been collaborated, and the fact it supposedly is from Russian sources should surely raise doubts by those suspecting Russian influence in the election? Who exactly were the Russians trying to help with the dossier info they supposedly provided?


Trump was a Democrat all his life until he decided he wanted to run for president.


@labane1917 really is very dumb.

He thinks the fact that Christopher Steele has sources in Russia means the Democrats were colluding with Russia. This is actually a genuine narrative the Republicans are trying to spin.

It’s the exact same as saying that, for example, the US having intelligence sources in terrorist organisations means the US are colluding with the same terrorist organisations, or that the Brits having informers in the IRA means the Brits were colluding with the IRA.

A basic lack of understanding of how the principle of how intelligence is gathered at its most basic level.

It sort of undermines @labane1917’s claims about collusion or lack collusion when he doesn’t even know what collusion is.


Trump is not a Democrat, mate, he’s a Republican.

Sorry to have to explain reality.

Although given that he was once a Democrat and now leads the most batshit crazy right-wing regime the US has had in living memory, one could form the view that he’s simply an self-serving moron.

Which he is.

As are those who support him, like you.


Hello, earth to dingbat…
The dossier originated with Republican efforts to stop Trump, and was later taken up by the DNC.
Sort of kills the narrative.


So you’re saying that the Republicans were colluding with Russia?!

After well over a year of denying it?!

Oh, mercy.


This @labane1917 fella is all over the shop.


in what way?


You really are confused, aren’t you. :grin:


Check out @TheDailyShow’s Tweet:


Pretend assassination attempt on Trump Jn, involving cornstarch apparently.




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I’ve lost all respect for him.




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