US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


Great to have Mitt back on the national stage. Oh what could have been.



Mueller has to justify his paycheck. Shock and awe, the Russians and US try and influence each other’s elections and everyone else’s. This particular Russian group got involved in 2014. A year before Trump entered the race. :joy::joy:

According to FBI boss, no Americans involved and no evidence election was actually interfered with. Mueller will be done within a few months.


We’ve seen Kev in action on the Ulster rugby rape trial thread performing increasingly spectacular feats of mental gymnastics in the face of reality to try and delude himself that his obviously incorrect preconceived opinion is actually right.

To be fair to Kev, he’s only been doing this for three weeks, and at least he writes his own material.

@labane1917 has been at it for well over a year now, diligently repeating Sean Hannity’s talking points.

It’s absolutely fascinating to watch - compelling, even.


Hon Emma




The Don making good already on his promise to bring people closer together :wave:


No gay option :sweat_smile: Surely a wum?



After months of investigations the best they have is a few lads in Russia were posting some pro Trump messages and hashtags on the internet. A couple of them also attended some rallies holding some placards.


The great lost leader has returned


Completely normal country


I see the Donald brought a cheat sheet with him to the meeting with the Florida survivors


I hear you



Jesus thats fucking pathetic.


Fail to prepare…


Always good to have prepared examples of human empathy where none exists I guess.


Rubio is pathetic


I’d imagine arming teachers would help with discipline issues as well. You’d be brave to back answer the teacher as he caresses his semi automatic at the desk.