US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


Has there been a comment from teachers unions in the US?

It is one of the dumbest ideas I have ever head. The unintended consequences and possibilities are as wide as the ocean.

Or perhaps that is what is intended, to normalise gun culture by bringing it into the classroom.


What if a teacher flips one day? Or a student flips and grabs the gun off them. It’s a fucking bonkers idea. Only in the US would it even be considered


Gunperson enters classroom. Shoots teacher first. Now has extra gun to shoot more kids.




So the next school shooter (must be due one any minute now) will have body armour and laugh at the pea shooter in the teachers hand as he guns him down with an AR-15.


SWAT team enters classroom, sees adult with gun in hand. You won’t believe what happens next…



Oh yeah, forgot about that. Problem solved so.
Have you ever fired a gun at a moving target in a highly pressurised situation in the middle of a large group of people?
(Notbthat I have or anything and I know you were being facetious mate, but it will actually likely be a guideline for these teachers when they’re issued with weapons).


Jesus I figured that was a parody initially. Satire is dead


I can think of one teacher I had who would have leapt at the chance to do this. Granted he was a complete nutter and everything, but it certainly woild have made for an interesting history class
Maybe one more who would have been responsible and probably would have stopped a situation like this, but I doubt the nuns would have been up to much.


Brother Prunty didn’t need no guns. He’d have taken this mudda out with his ledda


Trump is the biggest WUM there is. :joy:


Donald Trump Junior “liked” a far right conspiracy theory post designed to vilify survivors of the Florida school shooting and to vilify the FBI.

Right from the start after the Florida school shooting, the Trumpist/NRA cabal tried to use it to create another avenue to try and attack the FBI and end the Mueller investigation.

The NRA fear the consequences of the Russia investigation because they are under investigation by the FBI for illegally channelling Russian government money to Trump.

Trump really has assembled an incredible collection of vile scumbags around him.


No Trumpbots on today?..


Rubio has some sort of fetish for public humiliation


Arming teachers crazy as is pointed out above what if the teacher loses it, plus it introduces a gun to the school where in almost all cases there are none.

Any suggestions on what to do though?

As for trump, he’s a complete fool, a buffoon who I correctly stated at the time never wanted the job, just the publicity, but can ye restrain posting every stupid thing he says or does, its tedious really. Or can there be a separate thread to record his stupidity and leave this one for US politics generally.




Because the rest of America’s political class is so intelligent?


From a country that tries to ape US culture shamelessly you cant throw any stones


You have read my rhoughts on Australia’s political class haven’t you?