US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


I hope tin foil is waterproof as there’s rain coming? You might need a better head piece


Im waiting for your podcast


You’ll have to subscribe first…


Christ less than two months since i paid mac the annual sub.

Fuck it ‘Quare goings on in the ACT’ , hosted by fitzy and chucks has a ring to it


@Chucks_Nwoko is our construction / economics / insolvency / legal correspondent with a breadth of knowledge and experience in these topics. His contributions are hugely insightful, though our editorial board and legal representatives are at their wits end with the reactions.


Fitzy, I’m currently spearheading the largest resi development Newcastle has ever seen. And by spearheading, I mean attempting to sink. You should buy one. Relatively underpriced.


@Chucks_Nwoko racing towards the next mass layoff and screwing of vendors.


I will have nothing to do with that place. The Central Coast is where it’s at mate, it’s exploding at the moment.


I was thinking of doing a @flattythehurdler and uprooting my family and moving down under mate. Is now good timing would you say?


Bad and all as Australia is mate, it’s president isn’t organizing battle royals type games in their schools, go for it while you still can.


Have you lived in Oz mate?


Define lived


More than a six month stretch say.


Given your previous statements about this country, this is a surprising development.


God no


@mac - something may be about to happen in this country that would make me reconsider livimg here. Is now a good time to come home?


Fuck off


I like Oz mate, have been there about 8 times over the years. All Sydney and Melbourne though. The attraction is it’s one of the few civilized places that has a similar climate to here. It’s still Feb here and I have a whole garden going, beets, cabbage, kale, spinach. Couldn’t give that up, even after adjusting to your silly calendar.


We have the same calendar as everywhere else.


Yes but it’s upside down.