US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


You thought wrong.


The Kush has had his wings clipped


It’s a fatal blow for the Middle East peace process. I really, honestly, truly thought Jared was the honest broker that was going to sort it all out. All that potential for a new, shared, peaceful future, gone at the stroke of a pen. What a tragedy.


Hope Hicks OUT. Who will be the next to go?! #TheCelebrityAppresident #BringBackTheMooch


Poor Donald. He’ll have to make do with groping Kellyanne Conway now.


Normal country


WTF is that.A KKK rally?


Wtf? :smile:


Its the loony moonies.


Its actually a church where worshippers were encouraged to brimg their weapons based on some passage in the bible. How terribly christian of them.


There’s a scene in one of the 70s Planet of the Apes where they’re worshipping a nuclear missile. This is heading in that that direction.


I think I’d rather not see the consummation.


Idealogical civil war. At least hey’re not shootin each other wholesale yet.




BREAKING NEWS: Reports of shots fired near White House North Lawn.


According to an unpublished Christopher Steele memo, Russia admits it stopped Trump from appointing Mitt Romney as Secretary of State last year.

Instead, Rex Tillerson, who has extensive business ties to Russia, was appointed.

Under Tillerson, the State department has spent precisely $0 of the $120 million it was allocated by Congress to put measures in place to counteract Russian meddling in US elections and politics.

Trump has still done nothing about Russian sanctions well over six months after being mandated to so by Congress.

None of this stuff is difficult to understand. The US president is quite obviously under the control of Russia.


A former Trump adviser called Sam Nunberg had a complete meltdown all over US media yesterday. He’s been subpoenaed by Mueller to appear before a grand jury and stated, presumably drunkenly (CNN’s Erin Burnett stated that she smelled alcohol off his breath) that he would refuse to comply, thus risking going to prison. He has now rowed back on that and stated he will comply with Muller’s subpoena.

In his various media appearances, he came out with all sorts of juicy stuff.

This included saying that Donald Trump knew full well about the Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer in June 2016, that Carter Page was colluding with Russia, and that “Mueller has something on Trump”.

Here he is calling Sarah Huckabee Sanders “a fat slob”.


That was fuckin bonkers with Erin Burnett.Have you taken any thing…no…no…nothing…just my meds.


There was a poster a while back who asked for “a discussion of US politics without mentioning the stupidity” or something like that.

That’s kind of like asking for a discussion of the last week’s weather without mentioning the snow.

Any discussion about Trump and the Republicans is completely indivisible from referencing stupidity these days. You can’t discuss the former without referencing the latter,


The Marshalls will be coming for this lad soon.What he told them in his interview and what’s in his emails proably don’t add up and now he’s shitting it.