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I did back it up.

I answered your question comprehensively.

Now you’re twisting in the wind.

I asked you a very basic question which you apparently can’'t answer.

Do you think it’s a fair point of view that the creation of states by “ethnically cleansing” the native population off the land is/was not a good idea?

Why won’t you just answer it?


Cat got your tongue, @Tim_Riggins? :grinning:


If you go back through time that’s how most states were created. Hindsight is great and all but at the time do you think you would have objected to the creation of the state of Israel? If the land grabs and indiscriminate killings weren’t taking place now and Palestinians were allowed their own state without Israeli interference would you be happy with the existance of the state of Israel and change your opinion that it creation was a terrible mistake?


You would swear Israel was the size of Egypt the way people describe their “land grab”. Israel is 8 thousand sq miles, a quarter the size of Ireland.

The state of Israel was formed by the UN in 1948, at a time when the number of Jews and Arabs in Palestine was roughly the same, ~ 1m each. The proposal was to form an Israeli state for the Jews and a Palestinian state for the Arabs. This was acceptable to all right thinking people at the time, given that Europe had just tried to eliminate all Jews on their continent. It wasn’t acceptable to Arabs because of their hatred for Jews, the first Arab Israeli war was started by Palestinian Arabs attacking Jews, and escalated by neighboring Arab states joining in the attack. The Arabs had their asses handed to them just like in every conflict since then.

I guess for some people killing 6 million Jews wasn’t enough.


Ireland is 32 million square miles?


Some states, not most. Israel is the only state from the beginning of the 20th century on that was entirely created by transplanting a non-native population onto the land of others and driving the natives out.

Elements of this obviously happened post-World War II ie. the shifting of Poland’s borders but the entirety of Israel’s existence rests on the migration of a non-native popultion and the driving out of the existing population.

If this had happened anywhere else there would be universal acceptance of the total injustice of it.

Israel will never allow a Palestinian state. How obvious does their policy of colonial occupation have to be for people to see that?

A Palestinian state along 1967 borders is totally unworkable anyway because Israel has completely split up the West Bank into Bantustans and will never give up its colonial occupation and illegal “settlements”. That’s what the occupation was always designed to do, to prevent a Palestinian state.

The only logical and reasonable outcome of all this would be a Bosnia-type solution with one state called Israel-Palestine and separate autonomous republics contained within with Jersusalem split equally between these autonomous republics.

There is zero chance of Israel ever allowing that happening.


thousand. Sorry mate, I’m an early riser. Anyways, Ireland is four (4) times the size of Israel.


More racist bullshit from the forum’s chief racist nutter.


You are Jew hater mate, the biggest racist on this site.


There were 1 million Jews in Palestine in 1948 and 1 million Arabs. The UN proposal was perfectly sensible and would have been workable but for Arab racism and hatred towards Jews.

Clearly you are in the camp who feels Europe didn’t so a good enough job eliminating Jews.


The fact that you have to resort to this utter bullshit proves how comprehensively you’ve lost every argument you’ve ever been in with me and how much I get under your skin.

You’re a screaming mentalist with a long record of disgusting racist rhetoric on this site and the fact that you still have the shamelessness to post here despite making such a fool of yourself for several years is hilarious.

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What about Latvia Ukraine etc. Massive amounts of Russians moved to those places and are still there and causing all sorts of unrest. The Chinese nationalists went to Taiwan and took over. There’s plenty of other examples I’m too lazy to go into now. Don’t get me wrong I think the situation in Israel is a shit show but the horse has bolted. I’d imagine the majority of Israeli citizens and Palestinians would like to live in peace but the violent headcases on both side make this impossible.


Not content with killing 6 million Jews, European leftists herded the remaining Jews into a patch of desert about the size of Connacht and left them to their own devices to fend off neighboring Arab countries who wanted to commit a second genocide (and still do). Only the US came to the aid of Israel while Europeans secretly hoped the final solution for Jews would come to pass.

It’s notable that Britain was the only Western country opposed to the formation of the state of Israel, unsurprising that @Sidney is on the same side as his fatherland.


Every country in the world was formed out of war with the winners in many cases displacing the losers. The map of Europe pre and post WWI and pre and post WWII is a good education in this regard.

Unbelievable levels of ignorance of history on display here.


All similar to what happened up the road. Plantations and ethnic cleansing the native population out of their homes is never a good idea.

The difference with the Baltic states is that these places are actually independent states now.

Palestine is not.

The root cause of the trouble is the historic injustice suffered by the Palestinian people. Israel has never made any attempt to address this or even recognise it.

Brainwashed idiots such as the alcoholic in Nebraska who pollutes this thread are the result of a decades long campaign of history-denying propaganda.


Sure the Jews never suffered any historic injustice.


As a dangerous far-right lunatic, “fatherland” is a very pertinent word when it comes to your views.


It sums up your infantile, genocidal worldview that you believe that one ethnic group suffering a historic injustice makes it alright to inflict one on another ethnic group.

This is called defending the indefensible by whataboutery.