US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


Fascinating how leftists always hate it when the economy is doing well, unemployment is low, jobs plentiful, and wages increasing. It must sicken them that most people aren’t as miserable as they are.


Indeed. I predict this cycle will be an end to boom and bust economics once and for all.


Amazing that, not much more than a year ago Trump was claiming that there were 95 million unemployed in the US. That presumably is now zero, or something.

Fascinating to see what happens when somebody just decides to spin fake figures to suit their fake narrative.

It’s almost like you can’t believe a single word they say.


This time it’s different.


Is it a new paradigm?


All those who can’t accept this new paradigm shift should go and commit suicide.


Ah yes, fascinating given that Trump was in a barney with the Koch brothers just a few weeks ago and the same Karl Rove who just compared Trump to Stalin.

I’d say you were real excited as well and saw those names. It isn’t 2008 anymore.


Cool story bro. I didn’t mention Trump at all merely pointed out who the groups main donors were but carry on


You should really go live in Venezuela and see what the Utopian alternative looks like.


You need to flesh out your point.


You need to get some new lines, mate.

You’re at risk of becoming very boring, not that you’ve ever been that before, oh no, never.


Why would I go and live in Venezuela mate?


Certainly a much more attractive option than living in south Galway, I’d have thought.


To see first hand what happens to a country when nutter leftists take over. Capitalism may have it’s flaws, but like democracy it’s better than the alternatives.


Somewhere in Paris, there’s a chap who tells everybody that South Galway is an infinitely better place.

Everybody just smiles and nods sympathetically at him before moving on quickly.


Why would I want to do that though?


South Galway has an 85% poverty rate? it’s really gone downhill since I left.


It would knock the champagne socialist tendencies out of you.


You’ve lost me mate?


Whatever the poverty rate in South Galway was, you leaving would certainly have had a positive effect on it.