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This is a neat sum up of the state of things



  • This dumb cow has probably done more damage to affirmative action than anyone else ever.
  • I’m glad I have money on Harris and O’Rourke and not this lightweight
  • American universities are horrible horrible places. Can’t believe Labane willingly chooses to work in one.
  • I sort of sense that the liberal world is genuinely collapsing in America. The US liberals are crazy cunts but who knows what will replace them. If you look at the America before the liberals started taking over, it was a very bad place, even worse than it is now.
  • I don’t really know what I think of Affirmative Action. I went to St. Macartan’s College, Monaghan, I was bright and in a bright class, I did a good Leaving Cert. When I got to UCD I met lads who went to Clongowes and Gonzaga who were clearly stupid, didn’t know whether Monaghan, Cavan, Fermanagh and Donegal were in the Republic or Northern Ireland, but they had gotten nearly 600 points. They were surrounded by a culture of academic excellence and high expectations so they had performed for that in the Leaving, even though they lacked natural talent. They also had better teachers and advantages like that. By my point is, in America, a black kid would get a helping hand to catch up with them, but I wouldn’t. So “middle-America” type white people would be the big losers under affirmative action. But I also appreciate that the situation for the black people benefitting from AA isn’t fair. But my point is the situation for lads from the Sem taking on the dumb-but-rich Jesuit boys isn’t fair either and we just carry on.


I think it’s one of the freakonomics books which shows that affirmative action actually ends up harming minorities as they are put into colleges they aren’t able for and end up dropping out more often than they would otherwise


Pretend Red Indian .

I have heard it all now .


Dunno if Bill Mitchell is the guy you want to be quoting.


Good post. Affirmative action served it’s purpose and should be abandoned, give every possible financial help to underprivileged kids, but they have to meet the entry standards, whether for university or jobs. Giving handouts to people solely because of their race is not the way to lift people out of poverty, you have to start with building self worth which is cultural. The distinction between Asians and African Americans in the US in this regard is stark.

It’s not too bad out west, the ratio of liberal to conservative professors is only 6:1 compared to New England which is 28:1. There is some safety in the science departments, but liberal arts is a disaster zone. Essentially not just academics but students who express conservative ideas are regarded as outside politically acceptable thought. In a country that is still largely centrist and conservative. This is where the Dems have lost the plot.

The primary role of schools and colleges/universities is to prepare young people for the world they will enter, economically and socially. The outside world in the US isn’t full of liberal progressives and there’s no shortage of liberal arts majors, but kids are still taking on huge student loans to have their heads filled with bullshit and get degrees that are (in terms of job opportunities) largely worthless.

It’s actually a bit of a con job to quote the Don.


Who measures this? The Boston ratio is probably close enough to here though


Taxachusetts is only second behind California for liberal hellholes in the US, and I spend a considerable amount of my time there!


It’s much worse nowadays Tim, especially the private universities.


the data is in this article.


Me neither, don’t know the guy at all but what he said there isn’t wrong.


Trump would know about scam colleges alright. I wonder if in the absence of Sidney I should be sticking it up to you lads more.

I know that in Ireland there are certain towns where people get an extra points boost in the Leaving Cert. for example I’ve a friend from Castletownbear Co. Cork who says she got free points because the town is classified as deprived. I think it works out about 15 free extra points. Definitely kids from Moyross or Ballymun deserve extra points against Jesuit lads because you just have to be better to succeed if you come from there.

Can’t they just do that in the US? That would mean everyone from the ghetto and Indian reservations would get extra marks but all the white people from trailer parks as well. Why not just work out some objective criteria for extra exam marks? At the moment Dre gets extra help but Eminem doesn’t, it’s bizarre.

That’s what you were saying yourself I think.


You’re not half as boring as you say you are, and not a fifth as boring as you think you are


What lads? Sure there’s only a few true conservatives on here, in a hotbed of champagne socialists. Not as bad as boards but similar enough in brush strokes.

So effectively what you’re suggesting with bonus points ends up the same as it is here. Here we have quotas and universities have to accept a certain number of minorities, each with their own quota, so a certain number of African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, etc. The group you need to get into is Native American as there’s fuck all of them. So points or GPA as we have here doesn’t really matter, if you score high enough in your group you get in.

You’re right though, there’s no quota for poor white people, although they would avail of scholarships and if they do well enough academically would likely get a free ride, not just in public schools but a lot of private colleges.

If Asian Americans get their way, affirmative action days may be numbered, based on a lawsuit against Harvard that will likely go to the Supreme court. Not content with having 23% of the most recent class admitted, even though they are only 6% of the population, Asian Americans claim they are being discriminated against. Basically they don’t want blacks and hispanics admitted who scored lower than them in high school.

… and they say only white people are racist.


No I think everyone should do their SATs and the people in the poorest/worst performing 25% of school districts get their results bumped up regardless of their race/ethnicity and that’s it, no automatic quota for blacks/Asians/anyone else. The bottom 25% of school districts will still include all the ghettos.


Then you’d be back to square one with almost only whites and Asians in university.


Not if the bottom 20% were given enough of a bump up with marks.

If Harvard ended up full of Asians all that would happen in the long run is people would cop on that the elite university culture is a crock of shit, not really worth anyone’s time.


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