US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


George Soros has been evacuated from his home after a bomb threat …


Trump is on the warpath. This is Trumps and the Saudi Prince plan to take over the world. :slight_smile:


Nice diversion alright.


We are headed for civil war mk II. Only a matter of time.


How do you see it playing out, whonare the two sides? I’ll be with the Oregon militia anyway


A slow decline into anarchy, end game around 2024. The survival crowd are mad as hatters. Only so long you can hold out before being overwhelmed by zombies. Cities will become war zones, a total apocalypse. I’ll be with the south Galway militia, we will repel them around Kiltartan.


The fucking nutjobs will walk all over the snowflakes sure. They are already armed to the teeth. The snowflakes would have lost the war in a week.


I saw a good one today on the tweeter or somewhere.

Today: EU moves to ban single use plastics
Also Today: Imports of asbestos to US increase 2,000% as EPA moves to allow new use


The American honky tonk bar association will rise again


Twitter evenly divided between lefties thinking trump caused it and righties thinking its a democrat stunt





They’re coming after De Niro now.


Holy shit, I was only joking but it turns out I was right :smile:


The FBI are going to come after you now, you are on their watch list.




He’s on their watchlist alright, but it’s nothing to do with bombs being sent


We have a fall guy lined up when the time comes.


George Clooney must be shitting himself.


Cory Booker now gets one. Embarrassing shit from these clowns.