US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


Surely you accept that fake bombs are more dangerous than real ricin packages and actual shooting at Republican congressmen in a park? As CNN claimed left wing violent groups like Antifa seek “peace through violence”.


The whole thing is embarrassing. Political. violence on both sides.


Someone has been detained. Must be a real idiot, we aren’t talking unabomber talent here.


Suspect arrested in Plantation, Florida. Clearly a pretend terrorist.


Ffs, a complete simpleton


Stew and the Negro Problem - Klown with the Nuclear Code


The pretend bomb terrorist arrested has been identified as Cesar Sayoc, a 56 year old Filipino who claims to be a Seminole Native American. CNN will refer to him as an old white guy.


Poor Megan.

Megan Kelly dropped from US TV show after blackface comments


The leader of the free world has fired this warning to Iran :grinning:


I have a feeling that will drive yerman Matt Cooper absolutely demented


The greatest WUM of all time :clap:


Denis Rodman and Matt Cooper went to North Korea and failed to make peace .

The Donald made peace .



Oh wow, such cuffing wit might finally have stumped the Trump.


What are Trumps plans for this migrant caravan on the way to the US border?


He’s shifting them all to Doonbeg



El chapo is getting Yankee justice soon.


Big day today for Murica



Are the snowflakes going to strike back with a blue wave @labane1917? Or is everyone happy with those little things like jobs and money and economic prosperity? Big turnout being reported which surely indicates a Dems push