US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't




So heartening to see


Not sure but Baba O’Reilly lost out for some role or other in Texas.


I woke up to 16 whatsapp messages about this shit on my phone. I never realised I was mates with so many weirdos


Obamacare has won the house back in 2 '18.


Is @Sidney in your WhatsApp groups?


Micheál from Athlone who works in “FinTech” with a multinational company in Galway tweeting about making another pot of coffee to stay awake as the results rolled in last night. These people should be shot.


These clowns normally refer to themselves as “Political Junkies” as well.


In many ways its a pity a US presidential term isnt 7 years long so these snowflakes can go into full meltdown.


Did the Large Black woman ( Democrat ) win?


Orca Winfrey?


I don’t know her fucking name.


Business slow?


A ringing endorsement of President Trump has been delivered. Well done America. The upper house is where it’s at.


Did Lyin Ted Cruz get back in?


By the skin of his perfect teeth over the poster boy candidate Beto. 51/49



Happy to give that number 10.


if the Midterms are to be taken as a an effective referendum on the presidency then Trump has actually done quite well.

Republicans lost 26 House seats. In their first midterms both Clinton and Obama lost double that amount. The GOP has also increased it’s Senate majority.


Yeah traditionally its always seen as a chance to give incumbent a kicking but he has weathered the storm quite well. They have literally thrown the kitchen sink at him. Unemployment is down to 3.7%. Almost full employment and lowest rate since 1969. He needs to deliver on his promises to rust belt states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, etc and if he can get anything going there he should be a shoe in in 2020.