US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


Trump is a great man.


We dit it


Au contraire.

Seamus from Dalkey (whose area of expertise is coaching business leaders and who posts his own quotes on Linked In against background pictures of mountains and rivers) knew people would make this argument.

He says that’s entirely because of the gerrymandering carried out by the Republicans. He tweeted that you need to look at the voting percentages, and not make conclusions purely based on number of seats won/lost.



Ed looks like a nutjob.



He’s not a racist tho, so it’s all good.


Every county along the Rio Grande is Mexican ffs.


No he’s talking about the US side, the side that just had the election.


Take it up with Ed, mate.


Could you as the American correspondent give us an insight into the winners and losers at this juncture as both sides seem to be claiming some sort of victory and the outlook ahead for 2020.


Those that make decisions have the power- That would be the senate - The Republicans smashed it.


That’s what I’m talking about as well you jackass.
Texan counties bordering the Rio Grande are >90% Latino, some as high as 98%.


Do you have to be a citizen to vote? If so, the votes were cast by Muricans, not Mexicans. Jackass.


I wonder does Seamus think that Hillary Clinton should be President because she got a higher share of the voting percentage in 2016?

Like a good (or even bad) game of hurling, the scoreboard only matters once - at the end.

I’m neither Republican nor Democrat, but the Dems claiming this as a great victory is laughable.


Both sides will of course declare victory, but the result is as expected. The party of the sitting president routinely gets trounced in the midterms, so this is by no means much of a defeat for Trump. I expect he will soften his approach now and offer to work with the Democrats in the House.

The next two years are up to the Democrats now, they can either work with Trump on bipartisan legislation like an infrastructure bill, health care, minimum wage, etc. or go into full on attack mode. If they do the latter then it will be just gridlock for two years with nothing done.


President Trump clearing house with his victory speech now at the White House .


if they don’t want to work with him on a bipartisan arrangement, then theyre giving him carte blanche for a free run on to re-election on the basis of “I’m trying to MAGA but these whiny cunts are frustrating me at each turn”


Good ol lyin’ Ted Cruz hung on.


What was the alternative, let some beaner lover in?.


He got stuck into the CNN shill there.