US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


Embarrassing drivel one only hears from the uneducated.

Read up on how the US political system works and come back with a coherent argument.


Who’s arguing? I’m just asking the question - you seem like a man that’s lashing out so he doesnt have to answer.


+what are you doing up at this hour?


Cat got your tongue @labane1917?


It wasn’t a question, it was a statement.

The US system balances federal rights versus states rights. The framers of the constitution in their wisdom allocated House of Representatives seats based on population and Senate seats constant at two per state. This ensures the voice of smaller states gets listened to.


I’m Irish and vote, as a dual citizen. Just like Mexican Americans who are dual citizens.



This is a fine hour to be up. What got you out of the scratcher so early?


If you were on here more frequently at this time you would see that i’m regularly on here from 6.45am.


That’s a bit disturbing is it not?


That depends on what you find disturbing.


It’s disturbing a history professor doesn’t understand the system of government of the greatest democracy on earth.


Maybe he just thinks it’s a shit system. Why don’t we do that with Irish counties? Probably because it would be retarded. Greatest democracy on earth, who the fuck are you kidding.


Himself, clearly.


So they’re Americans. Jackass.


Maybe if it was done in Ireland you could have avoided slaughtering each other?


Just think if the Irish President election had just taken an ever so slightly different path we could have had President Casey shouting down Fintan O’Tool and other snowflakes from the Times
Small margins


Are you denying people’s right to their ethnicity now? What a racist asshole you are.




No pal, you’re the racist asshole for dismissing the votes of Americans because you say they are Mexicans.


And are you confusing ethnicity with nationality?